Mickie's Insider's Club - PR Distribution for How Little?

To help our small business customers use press releases more frequently, Mickie Kennedy is offering the "Insider's Club" to a special email list.

Once or twice a month, Insider's Club subscribers (and only Insider's Club members) will receive an "insider's only" offer for an eReleases.com service at an "insider's only" price.

eReleases' Accountant Livid ...

When our accountant learned what crazy low prices Mickie was offering to Insiders, he blew a fuse and pitched a fit (normally, he's pretty quiet). He relaxed later, but only after Mickie patiently explained that these insider club deals would only be available for 24 to 48 hours at a time, and only to a limited group of customers.

Join The Insider's Club

You can be part of this select group by simply signing up below. You will receive an email once or twice a month containing an absolutely "crazy" deal from eReleases. The "crazy Insider Club deals" will be offered no where else - you must be a subscriber to this list to receive them.

But Wait, There's More!

When you sign up for the Insider's Club, you'll also receive The BIG Press Release Book - Press Releases for Every Occasion and Industry.

This 160 page book ($49 value) is packed with well-written press releases and useful tips - no fluff here.

  • 35 industry-specific press releases
  • 40 occasion-specific press releases
  • Each press release selected by our Senior Editor
  • Tips for formatting and getting your press release noticed.
  • Topics to help guide you to a successful media campaign
  • Sparks to generate ideas for your own press releases

This great resource is free when you sign up for Mickie's Insider's Club.

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