eReleases' Company History & People

They "cut through all the crazy and get to what businesses really need."   Meet the crew - a must see video!

Mickie Kennedy, Founder with a Mission

eReleases' founder Mickie Kennedy started the company 14 years ago after working in a PR environment that was not meeting the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and firms. He struck out on his own to build a company that would give smaller firms access to the newswire - with a personal touch. eReleases has grown exponentially since then and even works with big names now, but the spirit of Mickie's original intent has not changed. eReleases delivers personal service and exceptional value to every customer, every time a release is submitted, at every price point.

Mickie lives in Baltimore County with his wife, son, daughter, and two feuding cats. He enjoys British science fiction and acknowledges an unhealthy addiction to diet soda. Mickie holds an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry from George Mason University. He still writes poetry most Thursday nights with a group of fellow misfits in Brunswick, Maryland.

Allison McAlister, Managing Editor

Allison has always loved to read and knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer. It should've been clear that editing was also in her future when, at age 11, she would take a red pen to her cousin's letters, mark all the spelling and grammatical errors, and then mail them back. (Sorry, Patti.)

Allison began her career writing for various websites before landing a gig as a reporter for a weekly newspaper. She quickly moved up the ranks and spent several years as the newspaper's editor before making the move to join the team of editors at eReleases, where she looks forward to being on the other side of the press release.

When not wielding her trusty red pen, Allison enjoys hanging out with her amazing husband and daughter and indulging her sense of wanderlust, especially if the travel destination involves sun, sand and sea.

Amanda Guagliardo, Senior Editor

Amanda began her writing career in high school as a result of her musical theatre class being cancelled. Friends convinced her to take newspaper instead, and she quickly became the Editor-in-Chief of her high school paper, The Cougar Express.

Amanda graduated from Towson University with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. As an undergraduate, she completed three internships; one in non-profit PR, another in publishing, and the final in conference planning. Upon graduation, she tried her hand at event planning, but decided she liked having free time. She joined the eReleases team to combine her interest in journalism with her aspirations in PR.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys running, reading contemporary fiction, repinning DIY projects on Pinterest and never making them, and playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. She currently resides in Baltimore City with three roommates and her Xbox.

Mike Correlli, Editor

Even as a child, Mike was always fascinated with the writing and stories behind his favorite video games and comic books. Reading these stories and playing these games weren't enough. Instead, he took it a step further and began his writing career by creating his own stories based in the worlds of his favorite characters. As he got older, Mike decided to better his writing skills in college and put aside his dreams of joining the X-Men. "They'll call me when they need me," he added.

Mike graduated from Towson University in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. After spending some time working for his family's business, he decided to branch out and put his degree to good use. Mike hopes to one day be a writer for the video game and/or comic book industry, but until then, he plans to content himself by always being several weeks behind the current comic issues and never completing a video game in a timely manner.

In his free time, Mike can also be found making music, spending too much time on the internet, marathoning something on Netflix and living with what many people would describe as "too many" pets.

Katie Lindros, Editor

Katie's love of the written word sprung out of a shy childhood, where she was dubbed "The Quietest" in every school yearbook. Using journaling as an outlet, Katie wrote each day, silently honing her skills as a writer. Her mom introduced her to books at a young age, sparking her love of science-fiction and fantasy. By high school, her daily routine consisted of writing for an average of three hours, followed by dinner and a Scrabble match with her mom (which she always won), with any remaining time spent reading late into the night.

In college, Katie wrote poetry and volunteered as an editor for the UC-wide student publication, Matchbox Magazine. Originally from southern California, Katie moved to Maryland in 2012, after graduating from UCSC with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and Sociology, to be with her boyfriend of three years.

At home, Katie enjoys playing with her two crazy cats, seeing movies with her boyfriend, playing board games, baking, reading, watching thunderstorms, eating Indian food, and working on assorted creative projects.

Janelle Little, Editor

Janelle discovered she had a knack for writing in fifth grade, when a poem she wrote about her dog was published in a book compiled of students' writings. She carried her love for writing through high school and then to Stevenson University, where she wrote for their school paper, The Villager. Janelle graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Communications.

During college, Janelle completed a marketing internship with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit organization with whom she has been volunteering for more than eight years. While interning, Janelle decided on a whim to write a press release from the perspective of a dog, and it resulted in a feature story in the Frederick News Post, an appearance on a local news channel, and a handful of smaller articles in various newspapers.

In her free time, Janelle enjoys spending time with her menagerie of animals, including a Lionhead bunny and a sugar glider. She and her husband-to-be are car aficionados, frequenting local car events throughout the spring and fall.

Betsy Schwartz, Editor

After earning an art degree from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in 2002, Betsy promptly began a chaotic career as a school portrait photographer. Writing with light will always be an important part of her life, but after eleven years, Betsy has decided to put down the camera and spend her time working with words instead.

When she isn't curled up next to her cats with a knitting project, a long novel, and a cup of strong coffee, Betsy can be found running joyfully through the woods for hours at a time or standing at the starting line of yet another race in the Baltimore area. She enjoys refueling with sushi or French fries while bonding with Johnny, her running partner and future husband.

Besides Johnny, some of Betsy's favorite things are thunderstorms, dark chocolate (well, any chocolate, really), reggae music, birdsong, purple flowers, and mornings. She is the youngest in a family of runners, including four brothers, and she dreams of being the first one of them to finish a 100-mile race.

Matthew Shenko, Marketing Assistant

When Matthew Shenko is not ruminating in disused bathtubs, he can often be found in the Northwest corner of eReleases where he enjoys minutely adjusting his chair, getting yet another glass of water, and learning the zen-like task of marketing the service of marketing.

Before harking to the clarion call of press release distribution, Matthew worked as an ESL teacher, a groundskeeper at a Renaissance festival, and a purveyor of used books. Should you ever visit Fells Point Farmers Market on a Saturday morning, keep an eye out for Sweet Dukes Vegan Bakery, an organic, micro-batch vegan baking business started by Matthew and his wife, Deva.

Favorite book: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Favorite movie: Take Shelter. Favorite TV show: Twin Peaks. Favorite record: Music for 18 Musicians. Favorite breakfast: pizza w/ maple syrup.

Randolph Barnes, Office Assistant

Randolph is a self-proclaimed tech nerd. He enjoys toying with and exploring technology, especially cell phones. Randolph is a budding graphic designer and likes doodling, Photoshop, Illustrator, painting, and drawing. He prides himself on his eccentric art. He believes fashion is art and yet another way to express yourself.

Randolph has many varied interests, including museums. "They always teach you new things no matter how many times you visit." He also likes the intersection of commerce and urban planning. "There's something to be said about the ways in which builders and cities come together to create interesting places to shop, connect, and explore. I'm really fond of the post-mall movement towards open air shopping markets."

In his spare time, Randolph enjoys music, working out and comedy. Randolph also has a great appreciation for Italian food. Buon appetito!