Mickie Kennedy, Founder & President of eReleases
Author, Poet & Great Podcast Guest

“Mickie Kennedy is an Experienced Podcast Guest, Bringing a Positive, Matter-of-Fact Style on a Range of Subjects: Press Releases, PR, Marketing, Poetry, and More.”

Mickie Kennedy created eReleases over 25 years ago to provide small businesses with access to the media and a national newswire—all with a personal touch. eReleases helps small businesses, startups, and authors gain website traffic and attract better quality customers through media coverage. The company excels in writing and distributing press releases to journalists, trade publications, and key industry influencers, thereby increasing visibility and credibility, and driving more revenue from dream clients. Mickie lives in Baltimore County with his family and two feuding cats, enjoys British science fiction, and admits to an unhealthy addiction to diet soda. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry from George Mason University and continues to write poetry most Monday nights with a virtual group of fellow misfits from around Maryland, Virginia, and occasionally Nepal.
As a dynamic entrepreneur and poet, Mickie has seamlessly blended his creative and business skills to build eReleases into a leading press release distribution platform. With over 25 years of experience in public relations and marketing, Mickie has significantly impacted small businesses, authors, and startups by securing remarkable media coverage. His journey exemplifies the power of resilience, innovation, and mindfulness in business, demonstrating how one can successfully merge creativity with entrepreneurial acumen to achieve sustained success.



Meet Mickie Kennedy – Founder of eReleases

Trust the leader in press release distribution for small businesses, startups, and authors.

Key Metrics About Mickie

  • He has distributed more than 150,000 press releases for more than 30,000 customers
  • He has worked with more than 40 Shark Tank companies, including Manscaped & Squatty Potty
  • He has generated in excess of $132 million in earned media for his clients
  • He is a Two-Time Amazon Best-Selling Author in Public Relations and Marketing
  • He has more than 25+ years of experience helping small businesses succeed with PR


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Suggested Interview Topics:

1. How to Write a Powerful Press Release

Mickie literally wrote the book on writing powerful press releases, earning him Amazon Best Seller’s status in Public Relations and Marketing: Beginner’s Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases. More than 10,000 print copies have been sold, with more than 40,000 digital versions sold or given away on Kindle, Apple Books, and the eReleases website.

2. How to Apply Strategy to Your Press Release Plan for Proven Results

Mining 25+ years of press release successes and failures, Mickie can distill what will work when building a PR campaign of six or more press releases, preventing you from sending the dreaded “new hire” press release that will likely get ignored.

3. Why Press Releases Provide the Biggest ROI of Most Marketing Campaigns.

You can launch a PR campaign of 6 press releases including distribution over a bonafide press release newswire (like PR Newswire, when using eReleases) for under $3,000. If just one of those press releases lands a key article in a major publication you could see thousands of visitors and hundreds of new customers. If you apply strategy, there’s no reason why at least two of those press releases won’t garner actual media pickup: actual articles, possibly even links, in magazines, newspapers, blogs, trade publications, and more (including TV and radio)—both online and offline.

4. How To Get Regular Local Media Coverage Without Spending a Dime

Local media is the easiest media to obtain. Best of all, it doesn’t require anything more from you than your time. Mickie breaks down the way to systematically work to get on local media’s radar and finally get some articles, features, and interviews in newspapers, online sites, TV, and radio.

5. Honing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to Make You Irresistible to the Media

What makes you different? Faster shipping, more selection, unique features? By conducting a USP audit you can better position your company for business and getting media attention.

6. How Credibility Through PR Allows You To Close More Sales, Both Online and Offline

Getting media coverage boosts your credibility, bringing you traffic, improved SEO, and better customers. Discover how clients hack this credibility to close more sales, regardless whether selling online or offline.

7. How I Doubled the Number of Repeat Customers Through Trust-Building as an Online Company

The number of people who judge the value of PR from a single press release and not a PR campaign of 6 or more press releases is frustrating. That being said, it’s part of the business as people skip from one shiny marketing object to another. I worked strategically to educate my customers and establish trust, doubling the number of customers who bought multiple press releases—all as an online company.

8. Mickie Is Professionally Trained to Write Poetry

Mickie holds an MFA in Creative Writing With an Emphasis in Poetry from George Mason University. What does that mean? It means Mickie can stand his own against Emily Dickinson in an MMA cage fight if it was less of a cage and more of a library table with a pad of paper between them. Regardless, this cat knows how to spin a yarn and mix his metaphors with the best of them.  


Some Interesting Anecdotes

Small businesses, authors, startups, and entrepreneurs combine to make some quirky tales:

  • eReleases helped save a man’s life. A client defected to the United States in 1992 and was the first person granted political asylum in the U.S. for opposing corruption in post-Soviet Russia. After a short time, his initial political asylum was revoked and he was ordered back to Russia where he claimed he would face persecution or worse. At the time his press release was issued, he already had been assigned a seat aboard a flight back to Russia.
  • Manscaped and Squatty Potty uses eReleases, as well as dozens of other Shark Tank companies.
  • A man was reunited with his two kids after a family member took off with them for more than 18 months: “Thank you and eReleases for your help! I would not have been able to reunite with my sons without the professional coordination and kind help! The press release helped rally many people in helping me locate my children.”
  • One client, Tammy Knight, received so many inquiries and orders for her all-natural laundry powder KBK Organics she actually called in to see if the press release could be put “on pause.” We couldn’t but that’s ok. She caught up and has used us numerous times.
  • Janelle James, an eReleases editor, also sells crafts on Etsy using spent shotgun shells of all colors, creating state and U.S. flags. Not only did she get media pickup from a series of press releases, one museum started selling her crafts for their gift store after buying a large version of a map as a permanent addition to its collection. In addition, a producer for the show “Young Sheldon” saw and bought her Texas flag to be used as a set prop. Janelle writes: “We have watched every episode until it was cut short because of Covid. We haven’t seen the flag in any episodes yet but we’re still watching!”
  • Darrell Andrews issued a press release for his daughter who started a nonprofit to teach arts to Kenyan orphans. This resulted in a segment on the Kelly Clarkson Show. Andrews writes: “I wanted to show you success from the PR I sent out for my daughter. It is a gamechanger for her in a major way. It gave her non-profit national exposure. We were in awe!”
  • Nancy Mello-Miller is a psychic who specializes in finding lost pets. She has received hundreds of inquiries and been invited to appear on numerous radio shows.
  • One client sent a press release about Dyn-O-Gel, his non-toxic creation that could be dropped into a tropical storm or forming hurricane to lessen its severity. He received calls from Good Morning America, CBS News, PBS, David Letterman, and more. In fact, the government actually coordinated with him to test his product, which unfortunately, didn’t quite meet expectations.
  • Another client, CelebriDucks, makes rubber duckies in the image of famous people, mascots, movie stars, and more. The company has been featured on The Tonight Show, Late Night With Conan, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, CBS Evening Magazine, The New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, The LA Times, and many more media outlets worldwide.
  • In 2006, my client Allerca was featured as Time magazine’s invention of the year. This was after appearing in more than 100 publications and newspapers. The company was selling a genetically-modified cat that was designed to be safe for those suffering from cat allergies. Although not all of the news was positive—should we be playing God?—the company took millions of dollars in reservations.

Check Out Mickie on a Few Podcasts

Discover How One eReleases Client Got Picked Up by Over 100 Publications

Click image below to view the Dining Bond Initiatives’s case study.  

Why eReleases?

I believe business owners and entrepreneurs deserve real press and actual visibility. And that takes dedicated attention. Here, we edit your release to maximize its newsworthiness, send to media contacts we have personal relationships with, and follow up to ensure your release gets the kind of visibility you deserve. eReleases acts as a dedicated partner to you; committed to getting you the most press possible, across every corner of the country. With eReleases, even small companies get game-changing coverage in major publications. Finally, you’ve found a press release distribution service that gets you measurable results, at a special price.


PR Newswire’s Only Full-Exposure, Nationwide Partner

PR Newswire is the nation’s biggest, oldest, and most respected press release distributor. And we’re eager to pass along our partnership benefits to you – giving you access to PR Newswire’s national exposure, at substantial savings. Even better, we maximize this exposure by giving you tons of extras, like editorial review and follow up, subscribing journalists, PR SpamShield™, stand-alone sends, and WireWatch Proof of Distribution. Our unique partnership status coupled with our editorial expertise allows us to give you results that literally no one else can.

At Last, Your Story Cuts Through the Noise…

There are lots of press release distribution services online today. But at eReleases, you get something unique.

  • Absolutely No Salespeople: nobody at eReleases works on commission, meaning no upsells or manipulation. Just great service that gets you the results you want.
  • Professional Editors: when you give us a call, you’ll speak directly with an industry expert at our Maryland office.
  • Personal Industry Contacts: benefit from our decades of industry success, and know that your press release gets into the personal inboxes of reporters who count.
  • Measurable Distribution: no email blasts here, because we painstakingly distribute your news to reporters around the country – measuring and maximizing the results.
  • Tons of Exclusive Bonuses: you get access to our network of subscribing journalists, PR SpamShield™, stand-alone sends, and WireWatch Proof of Distribution
  • A Track Record of Success: we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small businesses get media attention, so you can count on our real world expertise and experience.
  • 24/7 Support: stories are often time-sensitive. That’s why the team at eReleases answers the phone around the clock, so you never have to wait.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…Find Out What Real Business Owners Are Saying

Before doing a press release I had doubts – like are journalists really going to see these press releases or are they just going off into the abyss? I found that eReleases was really invested in the success of their customers. My business has been picked up in magazines and on TV and radio [including Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Philadelphia Inquirer, and more]. eReleases will help you get your company in the news every step of the way.
Allebach Photography – Mike Allebach – Owner

Linda M. Lopeke, The SMARTSTART Coach review of eReleases PR“Literally within minutes of our very first eRelease being put out on the wire we began receiving media requests for interviews and received coverage online, in print, and on television! As a direct result, our internet presence increased more than tenfold, and we are still getting customers months later with no further effort on our part.”
Linda M. Lopeke The SMARTSTART Coach

David Hamburger, V.P. Specialty Vehicle Engineering review of eReleases PR“Over 30 years we’ve used different press release services, and I’ve had nothing but difficulty. Service not on time, then being hounded to buy more. Just never satisfied. Now, after discovering eReleases, they’ve blown every other service out of the water. This is the one I’m sticking with.”
David Hamburger V.P., Specialty Vehicle Engineering

Erin Hedley, Revel Custom Wine Cellars review of eReleases PR“eReleases made the entire process very simple and the results were very impressive. On our first release, we got the attention of several key media outlets, two of which went on to do editorial features about us. Great experience.”
Erin Hedley Operations Manager Revel Custom Wine Cellars

Frank J. Rosello, CEO Reflection Band review of eReleases PR“In the three days since the press release was sent, we’ve received five media inquiries, one of them a call with the executive producer of a national morning TV show. Getting eReleases’ value along with the power of the PR Newswire distribution engine is the best of both worlds.”
Frank J. Rosello Co-Founder & CEO Reflection Band

Jason Templer, Scoops Pet Waste Management review of eReleases PR“My first press release with eReleases got me coverage in approximately 13 different publications, as well as a possible segment on a local television show! As a result of my very first press release with eReleases, I received 10 new clients, and approximately 4,200 website hits! eReleases is the best in the business as far as I am concerned, and therefore they have no competition! They offer the best prices and the most ‘bang for your buck.'”
Jason Templer Owner, Scoops Pet Waste Management Services

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