What can I do to get better results after sending out a press release?

Most importantly, make sure you include your press releases on your website. Unfortunately, many people don’t get that, so they don’t follow up and place the text of their press release on their website (and it does belong on your website, not on our website or another company’s site). Not only are you losing opportunities among your customers who may want to know more about your company and services (read “credibility” here), you are losing media opportunities.

Say you have three press releases on your site and an editor who received the most recent one visits your site for more information (not all editors will call — in fact, most don’t). Some facts and additional news gleaned from those previous releases can be just what that editor needed to tip the scales in your favor.

Even if you only have one press release, start a press room or media kit for your website. At the very least, the additional text will be welcome for search engine spidering — making it a little easier for customers and media to find you.

Also, be sure to read our advice on how to write a press release, as well as advice on how to send a press release if you decide to distribute it yourself.

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