What can I do to get better results after sending out a press release?

Most importantly, make sure you include your press releases on your website. Unfortunately, many people don’t get that, so they don’t follow up and place the text of their press release on their website (and it does belong on your website,... Read More

Do press releases work?

Yes, the Internet has seen its largest growth among small and mid-sized companies. This medium has helped to level (or at least leverage) the playing field of huge overhead expenses, large contracts, and even larger advertising budgets. As a result,... Read More

What makes some press releases succeed while others fail?

A press release that is newsworthy is what works, and then only some of the time. Announcing that you’ve put your cyber-shingle out on the web very rarely cuts it unless your services are unlike anything else on the Internet. However, it is... Read More

What is the best day/time to issue a press release?

There is no magic day for issuing a press release. The reason for that is this: if there was a “best” day, it would quickly become the worst day, because insiders would tell their friends and colleagues, and more press releases would be... Read More

What purpose does a press release serve?

The purpose of a press release is to make media members aware of your news in hopes that they will turn it into a news story and thus spread the word to their readers: the public. Press releases can be effective marketing tools in that they allow... Read More