Upcoming eReleases’ Holidays (when will eReleases be closed?)

July 4, 2024 Sept. 2, 2024 Nov. 28, 2024 Dec. 24, 2024 Dec. 25, 2024 Dec. 31, 2024 (closing at 4PM Eastern time) Jan. 1, 2025 May 26, 2025 ... Read More

What will my press release look like – can I see a preview?

Most new customers to eReleases are understandably curious to know what their press release will look like when published. They are eager to see a preview of their actual release before placing their first order with us. We provide below many examples... Read More

How do I redeem my press release credit?

Redeem your credit(s) using these easy 1-2-3 instructions. Step 1 – click Login or Order. Step 2 – Log in using the form under the header area. Step 3 – Once logged in, you will see a list of any credit(s) you have available. Click... Read More

Where can I log in?

You may create your free account, or log in, here. If you have trouble logging in, it is usually because you’re using the wrong password. You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link. ... Read More

Is your press release distribution international or global? Can I distribute to Canada or other countries? [VIDEO]

Our distribution is focused on the United States. We distribute the press release over the newswire and to our media contacts in the United States. International Distribution can be added to any standard US distribution at a rate of $150 per country... Read More

What is your Associated Press (AP) Newswire distribution?

All of our press release services feature Associated Press (AP) Newswire distribution. This includes distribution of your press release to top US newspapers and media outlets — The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia... Read More

Can I schedule my press release for a specific time?

No. While you can schedule the date of distribution, you are not able to select a specific time for distribution. Press releases are normally scheduled before 9am Eastern Time in aggregate (no specific time). Our low price is based on standardized... Read More

How are your press releases sent?

Your press release is issued through PR Newswire, which is a traditional newswire service. PR Newswire sends press releases to more than 22,000 newsrooms, 90,000 journalists through its media websites, and 1.4 million equities terminals. For PR Pro... Read More

Can you handle rush or immediate orders to be distributed today? What are your scheduling policies? Does this affect editorial review?

Normally timed (next day or later) orders We process most orders on a next work day basis. Press release orders which we receive during one work day are scheduled for distribution on the next work day, unless you select a later distribution date. We... Read More