What will my press release look like – can I see a preview?

Most new customers to eReleases are understandably curious to know what their press release will look like when published. They are eager to see a preview of their actual release before placing their first order with us.

We provide below many examples of typical press releases for your review. However we do not provide any preview of your exact press release content, for the following reasons:

1. Providing a preview would require you, our customer, to do MUCH more work, breaking your press release content into sections (the elements of the release), to be copy/pasted into several fields in a complicated submission form. It is much quicker for you to simply upload a document containing all of the textual release content.

2. Copying information into a complicated form also means a higher potential for errors and omissions.

Images in your Press Release

You can include up to two images free of charge in your release. If one of the images is a logo, it will appear to the right of the headline and the other image will appear to the right inline with the press release text, on PR Newswire’s website. If neither of the images is a logo, both will appear to the right of the press release text.

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Please note that with the free image option, the image(s) will not appear on any of the syndicated websites’ versions of your release.

If you choose to embed images (additional charge), they’ll appear the same on PR Newswire’s site as the free image option, and certain syndicated sites will put one image after the first paragraph and the second image at the end of the release.

Video in your Press Release

You may include one YouTube video in your press release at an additional charge. This will appear to the right inline with the press release text on the PR Newswire site, and will appear first, before any other images that are included in your release.

Example Press Releases

Text Only Release – No Images

Two Images (One Logo), Free Image Option

Two Images, Embedded Option

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