Can you handle rush or immediate orders to be distributed today? What are your scheduling policies? Does this affect editorial review?

Normally timed (next day or later) orders
We process most orders on a next work day basis.

Press release orders which we receive during one work day are scheduled for distribution on the next work day, unless you select a later distribution date.

We schedule all normally timed press release orders for distribution prior to 9AM (US Eastern time).

Note: Our work days are Monday – Friday from 7AM until 7PM (US Eastern time)

Rush distribution (same work day) orders

You may order rush distribution (same day as your order), with an added fee.

Rush orders completed before 3pm Eastern time are aimed for distribution within 2 hours of receiving your order (4 hours if image or video embedding options are selected).

Rush orders placed when our office is closed are aimed for distribution before 10AM (12 Noon if image or video embedding options are selected).

Editorial Review

For full editorial review, please submit your distribution order prior to 6PM (US Eastern time) on the work day prior to your desired distribution date.

Orders submitted outside of this limit, including rush distribution orders, will receive a limited editorial review due to the time constraints.

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