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What is a Media Advisory?               AKA a Press Advisory

A media advisory alerts the media, in a concise manner, to upcoming events (like a press conference). Think of it like an invitation that answers only the important questions: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

When Would You Issue a Media Advisory?

The purpose of a media advisory is to announce an upcoming event they may want to attend or cover, such as a press conference, forum, rally, or event to convince them it is worth reporting on. It should be issued 3-5 days in advance of that event.

The goal of a media advisory is to give them the information they need to determine whether that event is worth their time to attend, cover, or report on and to convince them to do so.

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What is the Difference Between a Media Advisory and a Press Release?

A media advisory is issued in advance and is designed to detail the resons why they should  cover that upcoming event.

A press release is usually issued at the time of after the news breaks to give the media the information they need to craft a story.

Key Elements of a Media Advisory

-It should be brief and to the point.
-It should contain a headline detailing the most important information.
-It should include the five W’s mentioned above.
It should include contact information for reporters to get more information for their pieces and the contact information you would like to be published if this is for a listing.

The Format of a Media Advisory

-At the top left side of the page, write MEDIA ADVISORY.
-Underneath MEDIA ADVISORY, include the date of your event; for example, “For Oct. 19, 2022.”
-At the top right side of the page, include your contact information.
-At the bottom of the page, type # # # indicating the end of the advisory.

Media Advisory Examples

We know you’re always looking for examples, so here are some example media advisories from around the web:

Sample Media Advisories: U.S. Department Of Education Media Advisory Center

Sample Media Advisories: IAEA Media Advisory Center

Sample Media Advisory: American Academy of Actuaries Media Advisory

Sample Media Advisory: TD Bank Group

Sample Media Advisory: Georgia Historical Society



What is a Press Release?               AKA News Release or even Media Release

A press release has a different purpose than a media advisory. It should read like an article, with quotes and facts, to stimulate possible pick-up by small papers and to generate print and broadcast reports at larger outlets. Whereas a media advisory offers basic information, a news release creates an image and story that journalists can use alone or use as background when writing a story.

Key Elements of a News Release

-Your release should be written like an actual news story, in the inverted pyramid style of news writing—with a headline and the most important information at the top.

-Your release should include quotes from spokespeople.

The Format of a Press Release

-At the top left side of the page, write PRESS RELEASE.
-Underneath, write FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and under that, the date.
-At the top right side of the page, include your contact information.
-Type and center # # # indicating the end of your release (located at the bottom of the page).

Media Advisory vs. Press Release Basics

-Press advisory (3-5 days before)

-Press release (distributed in the “press packet” at the event that was publicized in the media advisory and then faxed/emailed/distributed through later in the day)

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