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Most people are visual learners. Check out these 10 PR video tutorials and learn something today that you didn’t know yesterday!

1. JoTo Extreme PR Video Tutorials: PR Strategic Planning – The best way to plan for a PR project is for the client to know exactly what they want and want to achieve. And it’s your job as a PR pro to help them figure this out.

2. Scot Workman: Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing 101 In this first episode of Marketing Factor TV, I’ll show you the basics of how to use Twitter.com to market your website or blog.

hate writing press releases

3. Social Marketing Channel: Online Video Marketing

Getting your face out there and becoming the expert in your “niche.”

In other news, this one looks like it belongs on “Tim and Eric Awesome Show” on Adult Swim!

4. Upside Down Iceberg: Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes

Quick! As we speak someone else has launched the “next best thing” in social media. Here’s a lightning quick overview of everything that encompasses working in social media.

5. Web2Center: Smart Blog Commenting for Social Media Marketing

A video tutorial on how to properly utilize blogs to get RSS subscribers with “smart blog commenting.”

6. AdamKappel: Twitterfeed Tutorial

How to autopost on Twitter when you post a blog. This is one of those things that can be a little tricky to learn but will save you tons of time in the long run. Don’t miss this one!

7. SASsoftware: Trust Agents and Social Media

Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs talks about why it’s important have a “face” to their business in today’s world. He calls these people “trust agents.” Why are trust agents so important in today’s new marketing and PR paradigm? Click on.

8. SEOBook: Public Relations and Search Engine Marketing

Sure social media is the next best thing, but don’t discount PR and marketing. In this video tutorial, SEOBook.com’s Aaron Wall explains how PR can be used to boost a company’s rankings and search engine optimization results.

9. Lynda.com: Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

Another tutorial that will save you time in the long run. This video, from Lynda.com, teaches the PR pro on the go how to use Google analytics and URL shorteners with Twitter, with a video from Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter with Anne-Marie Concepcion.

10. Massponsoring: The Real Benefits of Social Media Marketing

This video says it details all the “social Media Benefits that THEY Don’t Want You To Know!” Who’s this mysterious THEY and why are they holding out? Click to find out.

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