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If you’re like me, you like to follow people on Twitter who provide valuable information you can use and learn from. Because this is a PR blog, I thought I’d share what I believe to be the 30 PR experts you should follow on Twitter. Now, I’m sure there are many more who deserve to be on this list, so please leave a comment with your favorites.

1. Bill Stoller – 25-year PR Pro helping others get their share of publicity; Editor & Founder, Free Publicity Newsletter.

2. Joan Stewart – Publicity and PR expert, journalist, author, biker chick, gardener, foodie, Weight Watchers devotee, Sopranos junkie & proud Cheesehead.

3. Paul Hartunian – World renowned free publicity expert, 1st person to REALLY sell the Brooklyn Bridge, making worldwide news, has dog rescue sanctuary: www.AuntMarysDoghouse.com

4. Josh Sternberg – Communications firm owner. Guest writer @ Mashable. Yankees fan. Musician. TV aficionado.

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5. Dbreakenridge – PR Professional, Author and marketing communications agency owner

6. Todd Defren – Principal at SHIFT Communications, and a PR blogger.

7. Perfect Pitch PR – Public relations tips, resources and services for small businesses and enterprising individuals.

8. Nikki Harmon – Acct Mgr at 360i. Passionate about PR. Mistress to Social Media.

9. Danny Brown – Social media strategist for Maritz Canada. Middle name is community. Emerging media purveyor. Social media for good game challenger. No friend of spammers. –

10. Dorothy Crenshaw – Founder of creative PR firm w/ expertise in digital brands. Mom. Lapsed fitness maven. Recovering TV addict. Candyholic. Love those Mad Men.

11. Barbara Rozgonyi – Wired Branding |Social media marketing PR Speaker | SMC Chicago Founder | Publisher, wiredPRworks | Hungarian | Kids [20~17~15], Cat=tabby

12. Mary Lower – Chief Storyteller using high tech tools to tell traditional tales – PR & Media Relations for Sterling Cross Comm.Mom to Wondertwins and Supergirl.

13. Christine Perkett – The CEO and founder of Perkett PR, Christine provides her followers with great PR tips and links to highly informative PR blog posts.

14. Pam Perry – A PR coach and social media marketing experts with a focus on ministry marketing.

15. Dan Janal – Publicity expert, author, speaker, avid reader, kayaker, blues/acoustic guitar

16. Julie Hall – Mommy of two boys, Wife of one, Marketer and Media Junkie, Founder of Mommies Clique and EVP/Partner at Schneider PR

17. Alan Weinkrantz – Social Media Guy / Clients in US and Israel / Contrib Columnist: San Antonio Express News, Catalyst for https://www.sanantoniostartups.com

18. Petri Darby – Creative brand marketing strategist, writer, public relations pro.

19. Dan Keeney – President of DPK Public Relations, baseball and cycling fan and beer enthusiast.

20. Kami Huyse – On the PR treadmill of life.

21. Julie Bonn Heath – PR Principal, Author, National Freelancer, Blogger, Christian, Gardener, Green Mom, Host of #idol & #journchat participant.

22. Heather Whaling – Communicating … Connecting. PR & SM small biz owner (@GebenComm). Love nonprofits, sports, politics, news, pop culture, vino & my iPhone. Blog: www.prtini.com

23. Sarah Evans – @SevansStrategy, non-profit, social good, fashion, #journchat and MediaOnTwitter, community mgr @Pitchengine, dog lover.

24. Valerie Simon – SVP BurrellesLuce Media Monitoring and Measurement; Public Relations Columnist/ Freelance writer, Suburban mom of 2/still a NYC girl @ heart, #PRStudChat host

25. Mike Schaffer – Director of Social Media for a Sports & Entertainment PR Agency, Founder of The Buzz!, Husband, Puppy Daddy

26. PR Expert – Award-winning & certified Public Relations Expert. Offering strategic media coaching with supplementary products helping you go from good to exceptional.

27. PR By the Book – Publicity firm offering public relations campaigns and media consulting services for: authors • publishers • businesses • products.

28. Conversation Age – I help businesses understand how customers and communities have changed marketing, PR, and communications – and how to bring value in this new environment.

29. Katja Presnal – PR/ social media marketing consultant

30. David Meerman Scott – Marketing speaker and bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR and the new book World Wide Rave.

31. Taylor Strategy

Taylor is a firm that deals with consumer brands, sports, and entertainment marketing. They don’t just tweet about that stuff, though – they’re pretty good about posting original content including interviews and articles. Also, if you’re looking for work, they post job openings.

32. The DeMoss Group

If you’re focused on a niche group, make the most of it. That’s what The DeMoss Group is doing! The firm covers Christian interests and causes and their Twitter account reflects that. It’s a great way to see how a focused account makes the most use of its time.

33. 5W

5W is one of the top 25 PR firms in the world and their Twitter account reflects this. Case studies, great links, retweetable quotes – the works. Might as well learn from the best.

34. Coyne

One look at Coyne’s Twitter feed and you can tell one thing – they’re definitely not afraid of hashtags! In particular the hashtag #hotsheet is useful as they use it to show the other Twitter accounts they love.

35. Axia

While the Axia’s Twitter account is solid with links, stats, and other helpful tweets, I want to point out one thing. Check out the random picture of French newscaster Melisa Theuriau, seemingly for no reason.

36. Shift Communications

PR firms are more than just one person. So why are so many accounts led by just one person? Shift Communications has changed that with their “Shifters” feed that lets you see multiple employees at once. Since the firm is “employee owned” this only makes sense.

37. Edelman

Edelman is the world’s largest PR firm, so you wouldn’t assume their website would be a mess (but it is). However, the Edelman Twitter account is a different story, with multiple posts per day, though not a ton of conversation.

38. Barokas PR

If there’s any doubt Barokas is in the isolated northwest, their slogan “PR minus the BS” should be a good clue. They even have a page on their About section detailing “who they’re not.” Their Twitter account isn’t as prickly, though, covering issues in tech and geek culture.

39. Text100

Want to smile? Check out Text100’s Twitter and you’ll be forced to. Whoever runs their feed is constantly in a good mood or is great at faking it. Smilies, exclamation marks, and positive thoughts galore – luckily, there’s also a lot of great PR info.

40. SparkPR

If you’re going to call yourself “the leading social media and tech PR firm” you’d better bring the heat on Twitter, right? There are some significant lapses of time on SparkPR’s account from time to time but when they do post it’s usually something helpful and insightful.

41. Beth Harte

Beth is one of the earliest PR pros to latch on to the benefits of social media. Very sociable and full of great tips and links. Follow her at @BethHarte.

42. Jonathan Bernstein

If your company needs crisis management, you’ll be glad you have Jonathan on your feed. He’s the founder and crisis management consultant at Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc, and very helpful when trouble hits. Follow him at @Bernsteincrisis.

43. Karen Taylor Bass

Her handle is @PRExpert and it’s not just a boast! She offers public relations coaching, advice and ego boosts just when you need them.

44. Kevin Dugan

Kevin is the Tweeter behind @PRBlog. He’s also the author of The Bad Pitch Blog, which showcases some of the worst marketing ideas out there. Definitely worth a read.

45. Dana Willhoit

It’s sometimes tough to figure out what journalists are thinking, especially when they pass up our fifteenth press release. Luckily, we have @Dana_Willhoit, who has been on both sides of the coin.

46. Dave Fleet

Dave is not only the Vice President of Digital at Edelman in Toronto, he’s pretty dang savvy when it comes to keeping perspective when it comes to PR. Follow him at @DaveFleet.

47. Pitch Engine

Jason Kintzler is the founder of @PitchEngine, where businesses go to get the word out on their big news releases. If you need advice on press releases, especially on sprucing them up, check him out.

48. Jason Chupick

Less of your standard links and advice, @JasonChupick offers a more “average joe” approach to Tweeting. It just happens to have brilliant advice contained within.

49. Soraya Darabi

It may be her upbeat personality. It may be her delicious background image, or the yummy goodness found at her company Foodspotting. It may be her willingness to converse. Whatever it is, you need to find out for yourself. Find Soraya at @SorayaDarabi!

50. Gini Dietrich

Author of Spinsucks.com, which finds the awful stories in public relations and social media news and exposes them. Also very active with her followers. Follow her at @GiniDietrich.

51. Jennifer Fortney

Jennifer is the brain behind @SmallBizPRXpert, offering advice to small businesses around the world. She’ll show you how to step up your business to the next level!

52. Help A Reporter

Don’t get enough of their updates in your email? Follow their Twitter account for even more opportunities to get you and your business in the news. Check them out at @HelpaReporter.

53. Jayme Soulati

Jayme is the founder of #SMBChat and a 25 + year veteran of the PR world. Also has good ideas on how to “unboring” your Twitter stream. Find her at @Soulati.

54. Valeria Maltoni

Upbeat, informative and all about making connections, Valeria of @ConversationAge lives up to her name. It’s all about the conversation and learning with her, so try and keep up!

55. Brian Solis

If you want to read what others will be talking about in the future right now, check out Brian Solis’ Twitter feed. He’s always out looking for the next big thing. See his crystal ball at @BrianSolis.

56. Steve Schuster

If you’re really focused on public relations in the technology fields, check out Steve Schuster at @RainierCo. His quote is “Anything we can imagine is inevitable once the dependent technologies are developed,” which he has dubbed Schuster’s Law.

57. Jenny Schmitt

Jenny as quickly becoming one of the more interesting and engaging folks on Twitter when it comes to PR. Jump on her friend list now so you can say you knew her when. Find her at @CloudSpark.

Which PR experts on Twitter would you add to this list?

Note: If you’re not on this list, please leave your Twitter information. I’d love to follow you!

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