Giving a Statement to the Media? Read This First.

Whether you’re responding to a company crisis, commenting on a breaking story related to your industry, or remarking about a big merger your company was just involved in, giving a statement to the media is often easier, quicker, and more helpful than writing a traditional press release. Releasing a statement to the media is what you do when people already know the story, so you don’t need to write a press release; instead, you just need to give a comment.

A statement is just one long quote from a single source. It’s typically much shorter than a standard press release — about half a page in length at most.  It’s straightforward and easy to write, and in many cases, releasing a statement can be done in place of holding a press conference.

But remember, when you release a statement, you’re going on permanent record, so choose your words wisely. Here are a few tips to follow when writing and releasing a statement to the media.

  • Write it in first person — A statement is a quotation, so write it in the same manner that you speak. There’s no need to take the objective tone that you have to follow with press releases. Be yourself, and write like you talk. In fact, you may even wish to talk aloud on the topic, record what you say, and pull from your real quotes to make a statement so that it reads naturally. Also, there is no need to put quotation marks around the statement, because the whole thing is a quote.
  • Make every sentence count — Just because you release a statement that’s half a page long doesn’t necessarily mean that your entire statement will be used by the media. They may only use a sentence or two of your statement for their story. That’s why it’s important to make sure that every sentence — hell, every word — counts and can stand on its own.
  • Include contact information — At the end of your statement, make sure you include your contact information in case a reporter wants to conduct a follow-up interview with you. Your contact information can look like this:
    For interviews:
    John Doe, ABC Company CEO
    (123) 456-7890

Do you have any tips to add to this list? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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