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Do you know what people are saying about you? Or more importantly, what people are saying about your brand? How in the world do you track across the span of the Internet to protect your reputation and the reputation of your business? Here are ten free reputation management tools that take all the sweat out of protecting yourself on the web.

1. FindMeOn

FindMeOn.com doesn’t just combine all your networks together, they give you badges to identify your accounts and link them, track activity, and share content while verifying your identity. The badges let you identify others via their own social networks, so you may end up with a surprise when you find your favorite blog is written by your own brother!

2. Garlik

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While other sites specialize on your brands and reputation, Garlik.com focuses on making sure your personal information is secure. If you’re worried about identity theft or financial fraud, you should sign up with them immediately. They also provide news and alerts when new security issues arise around the Internet.

3. MyOpenID

Right on their front page, MyOpenID.com claims your login and password with them is the “last username and password you’ll ever need.” If you have a thousand different logins (and you know you do – who doesn’t?) and are tired of filling out endless forms, use MyOpenID to streamline your life and your accounts.

4. Naymz

Naymz is huge! You can monitor your reputation through a blog watcher, watch to see what your contacts are up to, assess reputations and rate others’ by several criteria, and of course verify your identity. On top of that, if you have a reputation score of 9 or better, Naymz will purchase search engine placement for you and your blog or website.

5. Reputation Defender

If you’ve ever stumbled across some disreputable remarks on the Internet about you or your website and wondered how to get them removed, one option is to use ReputationDefender. They scour the web looking for any comments about you and will help you take steps to erase them if they are unwanted. They’ll make sure the message that broadcasts to the world is the message you really want to convey.

6. KeoTag

If you’re really big in the blogging world, you’re mainly going to be worried about your blog posts. KeoTag focuses on searching keywords to find who has reposted your blog or, worse, is plain stealing it! It’s also a great way to look at trends, also.

7. Repvine

Repvine allows users to collect references gained across from various platforms. It combines this with reputation management to make sure these references are all on the up and up. Their angle is geared towards those interested in making sure future employers see an accurate view of them when they go searching for their credentials, so check them out if that dream job of yours might be in peril!

What are your favorite reputation management tools?

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