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This time last year almost the entire country was blanketed by snow, and many people were simply stuck inside their homes or trapped in hotels and airports. While the weather is way more mellow this year, you could still get “snowed in.” That is, your business could!

What do I mean by that? Getting snowed in is much more than just being trapped inside your house. Eventually, you get cabin fever, and the walls start closing in. Soon you’re seeing visions and playing Monopoly with yourself…and losing!

Your business can go crazy, too, just like you did when surrounded by four feet of fluffy whiteness. This is especially true when you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut – it’s like your own personal blizzard!

Snow Shovel

No matter how high the walls of your rut are, you can find a way to shovel them down. Part of going crazy during a major snowstorm is the aggravation of knowing you can’t really DO anything – you simply have to wait for the snow to melt so you can open the door.

Hot Deal

Eventually, you start to think “what if the snow never melts? I’ll  be stuck here forever!” The more you think like that, the worse off you become, and the more likely it is you’ll do something rash.

Your company’s “snow shovel” is anything you’ve thought about implementing for your company but were too wary to try it. Though your latest idea for a redesign was too wacky? Now’s the perfect time to try it out so you can shovel your way out of the snowed in house you find yourself in.

Hot Chocolate

While you’re still stuck in your cabin, you might as well take some time and enjoy it, right? After all, it takes a lot of work to shovel your way out of a blizzard, and you don’t want to go nuts while you do it.

During a snowstorm, one of the best things to enjoy is a nice cup of hot chocolate or cocoa. It can make you feel extra warm and snuggly when the inches are piling up outside, especially when you add some marshmallows. It makes the wait and lack of options bearable.

Your company’s hot chocolate is whatever makes the wait bearable for you and your coworkers. Perhaps it’s something that reminds you of what you first started. Getting a new client for example, or taking off some time for a team building exercise.

Digging your business out of a snowstorm can seem like a daunting task, but it can sometimes be as easy as changing your mentality.

What could you do to change your business’s mental outlook today?

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