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Whether you’re just getting your start in the business or you’ve been at this for years, there’s always room to improve your skills and become a better PR pro. Doing so will help you achieve better results for your clients and better results for your career.

Thumbs up!But how exactly can one become a better PR pro? Over the years, I’ve picked up some tricks that I think will help you polish your skills and become the best you can be at what you do.

  1. Write daily — One of the most important skills a PR pro can possess is the ability to write. You must always be striving to strengthen your writing skills. Spend time writing every day, whether it’s on a blog, on press releases, or just in your personal journal. Keep your writing muscles exercised regularly.
  2. Get out there and mingle — Get out from behind your computer and focus on building quality, face-to-face relationships. Start interacting with your peers, clients, media members, prospects, etc. Attend networking events. Hold your meetings in person on occasion. You need to work on your relationship building and networking skills. Also worth checking: 15 Types of Events Your Business Can Host
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new things — Times are changing, and it’s time for fresh ideas and innovative approaches to PR. Don’t be afraid to challenge the industry norm. Try to come up with new ideas, and take calculated risks that could deliver remarkable results.
  4. Embrace data — The best PR pros are focused on delivering measurable results. Don’t shy away from data; embrace it. Become a sharp analyst who measures everything and can prove his worth.
  5. Always be reading about PR — Your PR education should never stop. That’s why I recommend that you always be reading books, blogs, articles, forum threads, and anything else related to PR. Try to take in as many different perspectives as you can so you can learn new things and start to develop your own unique ideas and perspective.
  6. Read something unrelated to business and PR — Not all of your reading should be PR related. I like to mix it up and also read fiction and other things that have nothing to do with PR. Why? Because I like to study how other people write. I love the art of putting words together, and the best way to improve your writing skills is to learn from the best.
  7. Get in a newsroom — How can you expect to influence the media if you don’t understand the environment they’re working in? You need to spend some time in the newsroom so you can better understand what reporters are up against. Ask some of your good contacts if you can swing by their workplace.

What are some other tips you’d offer to PR pros looking to improve their skills?

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