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Steve Jobs didn’t just leave behind a legacy of great technology and black sweaters. Another big part of his inspiration, at least in a business sense, was in the world of PR! Apple had some great public relations over the years, and – like so many paradigm-shifting technology over the past 30 years – a lot of it can be attributed to Steve. Here are five of those lessons you can take to heart for your business.

1. Create a Story

Apple’s “story” was one of ups and downs, of successes and failures, and one of constant ingenuity. This story is what endeared them to so many people, and continues to do so today. Customers like that sort of thing – a story gives them something to relate to, to believe in. When they see their favorite companies have struggled just like they have in life, they feel a connection, and buy more.

2. Befriend Your Customers

If you’ve ever been inside an Apple store, you know how friendly (and crazy busy) they are in there. There are many stories of “Geniuses” who have gone way above and beyond to fix a problem someone was having, including just flat out giving them a new computer. Touches like these have made Apple fans life-long compatriots instead of just customers, inspiring sales down the road no matter when the company experiences hiccups.

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3. Revel in Your Status

For years, Apple was seen as a quiet underdog, appreciated only by a select few. To their credit, the company embraced this status, and ran with it. The “I’m a Mac” commercials solidified that while Apple products may not be for everyone, they are certainly for anyone who’s young and hip.

Apple didn’t try to fight their “loner” status, they embraced it. And it worked for them even when they became a major contender in the tech world. Even though everyone in the world has an iPod, they’re still seen as a “hipster” brand.

4. Create a Brand

Speaking of brands, Steve Jobs knew he was the face of the company. As soon as he was hired back on as CEO in the mid-1990s, he was out there talking to his loyal fans. His black turtleneck sweaters became as identifiable as the Apple logo.

I remember back in the 1990s non Apple fans thought Steve Jobs always up on stage talking to fans was oddly cult-like. But nowadays it’s the norm. The business world quickly found out people want to associate a face with a company, and Steve Jobs helped start that.

5. Do, Don’t Talk

One of the most important lessons to be learned from Steve Jobs is that you need to “do” and not just “talk.” Jobs had quite a few problems in his life – he was given up by his mom as she wanted a daughter, he was fired from Apple as CEO, among others.

But he turned those lemons into lemonade. His adoptive parents raised him up in Palo Alto, the soon-to-be home of Silicon Valley. He also claims getting fired from Apple was one of the best things to happen to him as it allowed him to “think like a beginner.” Don’t just talk about what you’re going to do – do it!

What lessons can you learn from Steve Jobs?

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