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One way to get your product noticed is to have bloggers with good followings test and review it. And like anything else, there’s a certain protocol you should follow when pitching the idea to them. Here are 5 ways to go about it:

  1. Get personal — Few things will annoy a blogger as much as some obviously generic “Greetings, my name is so-and-so” message. They can sniff it out a mile away. Why would they want to review the product of someone who is obviously sending out a mass message to hundreds of other bloggers? Take a few minutes and make your message personal. Tell them why you want them to review your product. In other words, flatter them a bit.
  2. Does it apply to them? — You need to make sure that whatever product you are offering is relevant to the theme of their blog. For example, why would a blog focused on gardening review a hair product? They wouldn’t. On the other hand, the product doesn’t always have to be specific to the field — as long as it can somehow be linked. For instance, you could approach a search engine optimization blogger to review your content management system. Why? Because they could use it in their business and refer it to their friends.
  3. Be courteous — No one likes a smug person. And when you’re trying to get someone to do you a favor (and that is what they are doing, right?), then you need to make sure that you don’t seem like you’re doing THEM a favor. Sure you’re going to send a free product in exchange for a review, but they didn’t use your product before, so why should they care about it now? You need to approach them with humility and ask ever so nicely. It seems like common sense, but for many it isn’t.
  4. Understand that they might not like your product — More than likely, if the blogger chooses to review your product, they are going to be brutally honest. That means that they might not have much (or anything) good to say about it. Hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. It’s a gamble you have to be willing to take.
  5. Make it easy for them — The less work the blogger must do, the better for them. Now you don’t want to go trying to write the review for them, but you do want to provide them with as much information as possible. Give them a nice, thorough description of your product.

It’s not a difficult task by any means. Just follow the unspoken rules and you’ll have bloggers reviewing your product in no time at all.

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