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With the New Year upon us, now is a great time to resolve to improve employee relations – the manner in which your organization’s administration interacts with employees. The better you get at employee relations, the happier your staff will be. The happier your staff, the more productive they will become. And as you can imagine, this will directly affect your bottom line.

Follow these tips and transform employee relations in your company.

  1. Provide incentives – Believe it or not, sometimes a paycheck is not enough to cause an employee to want to work hard. To break up the monotony, consider providing interesting incentive plans to give them something else to work towards.
  2. Shorten emails – We’re all overrun with email these days. For this reason, think twice before sending the staff an email that reads more like a book. Instead, get right to the point, and use bullet points and bolded words to draw attention to key information.
  3. Plan your meetings – No one likes unexpected meetings. Do your best to plan staff meetings well in advance. And as with email, keep them to the point. No one likes to attend a meeting that feels like a waste of time.
  4. Tuition reimbursement – You always want to encourage employees to better themselves. One way to do this is to institute a full or partial tuition reimbursement program. If an employee wants to gain additional education that will help them within your company, why not help fund it? Everybody wins.
  5. Career development – As stated in the previous point, it’s important that your employees feel the need to better themselves. No one wants to be stuck in the same desk for 30 years. So have managers work with employees on setting career development goals.
  6. Ask for input – A common concern of employees is that upper level management doesn’t care what they have to say. To improve employee relations, consider having ways for employees to express themselves – both their ideas and concerns. And make sure you’re actually listening!
  7. Share your vision – You want your company to feel like one giant family. That’s why it’s important that you not only share your company vision with your staff, but you also make them an integral part of it.
  8. Let them know you care – Employees want to know that management cares about what is happening to them. No one wants to feel like just another number. Do things to let your employees know they are valuable to your company.
  9. Honor a job well done – Want your employees to work harder? Acknowledge them. Perhaps install an employee of the month program to make sure those hard workers keep it up and others follow suit.
  10. Don’t forget that there is life outside of work – Remember, each employee is facing the difficult task of balancing life outside of work with life at work. So make sure you do things to ease this arduous task as opposed to making it more difficult on them. Don’t be a taskmaster when employees occasionally request off, and don’t make a habit of asking them to take work home with them.

What are some of your best tips for improving employee relations? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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