Monetize Your PR Program: Generate Traffic
with Customers Ready to Buy

Imagine Articles About Your Business in Newspapers, Trade Publications, Blogs, Magazines, and More.

This is a PR campaign engineered to succeed that will drive traffic, improve SEO, and bring you better customers—the kind who rarely price-shop and who are ready to buy.
Isn’t it time for you to step out of the shadows and become discovered?

…still getting customers months later with no further effort.

Linda M. Lopeke, The SMARTSTART Coach review of eReleases PR“We began receiving media requests for interviews and received coverage online, in print, and on television! As a direct result, our internet presence increased more than tenfold, and we are still getting customers months later with no further effort on our part.”
  — Linda M. Lopeke, The SMARTSTART Coach

pencil iconImagine Just One Article in a Major Publication

Imagine a PR campaign of 6 press releases that garners just one media article, and it’s the right article: smack dab in your ideal trade publication or major newspaper. I’ve had many clients say the right article for them has been worth tens of thousands of dollars in sales and credibility. I’ve had more than one client get over a million dollars in sales from a single media pickup. Charles Cantu review of eReleases
Imagine that this article lives on, driving traffic and customers to your website much longer than an ad campaign.
Imagine, you can share that success with your leads and social media.

crosshair iconNow Imagine More Than a Dozen Media Pickups

news outlets Not only is it possible with a press release service that sends your release to subscribing journalists and over the #1 press release newswire—PR Newswire—but I’m going to give you my insider secrets in my Monetize Your PR Program designed to turn that one measly media article into more than a dozen media pickups from a single PR campaign of just six press releases.
Imagine an article about your business in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Forbes, and more.

chart iconWhat I’ve Learned Over the Past 22+ Years

After noticing that the majority of press releases fail, I began to detect trends and patterns among the few that consistently succeeded. I have studied the releases that work and learned that anyone can enjoy press release success if they follow my Monetize Your PR Program. It’s built on a framework of winning PR campaigns, giving you an edge when it comes to developing your own press releases.

onlineImagine – A Program Designed for You!

newspaper screenshots While this program works well for startups, entrepreneurs, online stores, and small businesses, I have even used it to get media coverage for a local carpet company in New Jersey. To be perfectly honest, I cannot think of a more non-newsworthy company: it’s local; it’s mostly a commodity business; it was doing very little that was unique. However, we were able to identify industry blindspots begging for the types of press releases we were sending.
We also got major industry coverage for a small automotive company by authoring a survey, something nearly any business can do. I even include a simple hack that gives you free access to relevant respondents.

internet iconWe’ve Reverse-Engineered What’s Working

collaboration Success hinges on your press release strategy. Without one, you will likely experience PR failure. Very few people care about what you want to announce. You must learn the art of giving a journalist content that his clients want to consume so that they do care.
The Monetize Your PR Program teaches you ways in which you can manufacture your own newsworthiness and get articles written about your business.

userMedia Articles Deliver You Buyers, Not Price-Shoppers

keyboard We have all experienced this. You read an article about a cool little company and you want to buy from it, so you click on a link or do a Google search to find them, then you buy. It’s human nature.
We all love stories and hidden gems. Journalists often act as curators so when they spotlight a startup or small business, it creates an implied endorsement where readers feel a connection and immediately want to buy from that company. This is true in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more.

crosshair iconMy Offer to You: Monetize Your PR Program

I’m going to implement my Press Release Strategy Blueprint, which is designed to succeed from the beginning. We will test six winning press release strategies that have a track-record of success.
I have yet to have anyone who followed my blueprint not get real media attention, earning at least six articles from a proper campaign of six press releases. On average, most clients generated more than a dozen articles, some more than 20 articles. As a result, we guarantee at least six articles, or else we will continue to write and issue press releases until we do.

pencil iconWe Support Your Success

We will coordinate, brainstorm, and support you through the entire process.

chart iconThe Value — And Savings

For a limited time, your investment is just $5,999 prepaid, which includes a total of six press releases, both writing and distribution, over the next twelve months, as well as my Risk-Free Guarantee of at least six articles (earned media) as a result of the PR campaign.

internet iconDesigned for Action-Takers

We have designed this for you to get started quickly to build a winning PR campaign. Because we will be investing considerable resources in developing your campaign and the subsequent press releases, we do require payment in full before we begin. In fact, one of the press releases will require more work and labor, including conducting an industry survey with hundreds of your peers, than the other five press releases combined.

userWhat Does This Look Like to Get Started?

We have a simple contract, followed by an intake questionnaire and Zoom consultation. We will then follow up with a pitch for your first release. After each release is written you will approve it and we will schedule distribution. We can accelerate the program to take place within as little as six months but most clients prefer a pace that takes about nine months to a year to write and distribute all six releases.

Discover How One eReleases Client Got Picked Up by Over 100 Publications

Click image below to view the Dining Bond Initiatives’s case study. dining bonds pr case study 

Why eReleases?

I believe business owners and entrepreneurs deserve real press and actual visibility. And that takes dedicated attention. Here, we edit your release to maximize its newsworthiness, send to media contacts we have personal relationships with, and follow up to ensure your release gets the kind of visibility you deserve. eReleases acts as a dedicated partner to you; committed to getting you the most press possible, across every corner of the country. With eReleases, even small companies get game-changing coverage in major publications. Finally, you’ve found a press release distribution service that gets you measurable results, at a special price.

PR Newswire’s Only Full-Exposure, Nationwide Partner

PR Newswire is the nation’s biggest, oldest, and most respected press release distributor. And we’re eager to pass along our partnership benefits to you – giving you access to PR Newswire’s national exposure, at substantial savings. Even better, we maximize this exposure by giving you tons of extras, like editorial review and follow up, subscribing journalists, PR SpamShield™, stand-alone sends, and WireWatch Proof of Distribution. Our unique partnership status coupled with our editorial expertise allows us to give you results that literally no one else can.

At Last, Your Story Cuts Through the Noise…

There are lots of press release distribution services online today. But at eReleases, you get something unique.
  • Absolutely No Salespeople: nobody at eReleases works on commission, meaning no upsells or manipulation. Just great service that gets you the results you want.
  • Professional Editors: when you give us a call, you’ll speak directly with an industry expert at our Maryland office.
  • Personal Industry Contacts: benefit from our decades of industry success, and know that your press release gets into the personal inboxes of reporters who count.
  • Measurable Distribution: no email blasts here, because we painstakingly distribute your news to reporters around the country – measuring and maximizing the results.
  • Tons of Exclusive Bonuses: you get access to our network of subscribing journalists, PR SpamShield™, stand-alone sends, and WireWatch Proof of Distribution
  • A Track Record of Success: we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small businesses get media attention, so you can count on our real world expertise and experience.
  • 24/7 Support: stories are often time-sensitive. That’s why the team at eReleases answers the phone around the clock, so you never have to wait.

Meet Mickie Kennedy – Founder of eReleases

Trust the leader in small biz press release distribution.

Key Metrics About Mickie

  • He has 22+ years of experience helping small businesses succeed with PR
  • He has distributed more than 100,000 press releases for more than 10,000 customers
  • He has worked with more than 30 Shark Tank companies, including Manscaped & Squatty Potty
  • He has generated in excess of $87 million in earned media for his clients
  • He is an Amazon Best-Selling Author in Public Relations and Marketing

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…Find Out What Real Business Owners Are Saying

…Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Philadelphia Inquirer, and more.

“Before doing a press release I had doubts – like are journalists really going to see these press releases or are they just going off into the abyss? I found that eReleases was really invested in the success of their customers. My business has been picked up in magazines and on TV and radio [including Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Philadelphia Inquirer, and more]. eReleases will help you get your company in the news every step of the way.”  
— Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography


…several key media outlets, two of which went on to do editorial features about us.

Erin Hedley, Revel Custom Wine Cellars review of eReleases PR“eReleases made the entire process very simple and the results were very impressive. On our first release, we got the attention of several key media outlets, two of which went on to do editorial features about us. Great experience.”
— Erin Hedley, Revel Custom Wine Cellars

…five media inquiries, one of them a call with the executive producer of a national morning TV show.

Frank J. Rosello, CEO Reflection Band review of eReleases PR“In the three days since the press release was sent, we’ve received five media inquiries, one of them a call with the executive producer of a national morning TV show. Getting eReleases’ value along with the power of the PR Newswire distribution engine is the best of both worlds.”
— Frank J. Rosello, Co-Founder and CEO of Reflection Band

…I received 10 new clients and approximately 4,200 website hits!

Jason Templer, Scoops Pet Waste Management review of eReleases PR“My press release with eReleases got me coverage in approximately 13 different publications, as well as a segment on a local television show! As a result, I received 10 new clients and approximately 4,200 website hits! eReleases is the best in the business as far as I am concerned and, therefore, they have no competition! They offer the best prices and the most ‘bang for your buck.'”
— Jason Templer, Scoops Pet Waste Management Services