eReleases Case Study –
Dining Bonds, LLC

About Dining Bonds, LLC

Helen Patrikis, Steven Hall, and Alan Aurmont established Dining Bonds, LLC as a global initiative to address the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 on the restaurant community.

A Dining Bond works similar to a savings bond, where a customer can purchase a bond at a lower rate than face value to be used at a future date. This initiative provides funds directly to restaurants at a time when most are temporarily closed, allowing them to pay for ongoing expenses as well as help staff. The initiative gives customers the opportunity to support local small businesses.

The Challenge

This newly formed initiative knew that timing was everything. Unlike a startup that may take 12-18 months to grow, this initiative had to scale and grow quickly in order to do the most good. Helen Patrikis, a PR professional herself, knew that a press release was the ideal mechanism to get the word out.

The Results

Dining Bonds, LLC used eReleases’ press release distribution to issue its press release over the newswire.

When it launched the initiative represented just a handful of restaurants, mostly in the New York metro area. Today, that number exceeds 500 across the US and abroad, including Italy, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and more:

Pickup has exceeded more than 100 media outlets. Here are a few examples:

Wall Street Journal

   CNN Interactive
   Harvard Business Review

Fox Business
   LA 1st
Robb Report


Memphis Flyer

Wine & Spirits Magazine
   James Beard Foundation

Full length discussion below (more pickup links reviewed – such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times etc.)