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  1. 3 Tactics Used by Shady Press Release Distribution Services

    November 27 2012

    Having a great story to tell is only half the battle of getting media coverage. You have to actually get your story in the hands of the right journalists so they will take notice and cover your company. One of the best ways to ensure your news gets noticed is to use a press release distribution service….

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  2. What Should You Look for in Press Release Distribution Services?

    September 21 2012

    You’ve written a press release, but now what? How are you going to get it seen? While you might be thinking of going the route of using free press release directories, there are many reasons to avoid this tactic. What about emailing your press release to reporters? Good idea, but chances are that you don’t have a contact list nor do you have relationships with the reporters you need to target….

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  3. Follow Mickie (@eReleases) on Twitter

    July 15 2009

    If you haven’t heard (, eReleases has been up to a lot:…

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  4. Public Relations Basics: Keep Your List of Press Contacts Updated

    May 01 2009

    A few years ago, Wired magazine editor-in-chief caused a ruckus when he announced he was banning public relations consultants from his email inbox. “I get more than 300 emails a day and my problem isn’t spam, it’s PR people,” Anderson wrote. “Lazy flacks send press releases to the Editor in Chief of Wired because they can’t be bothered to find out who on my staff, if anyone, might actually be interested in what they’re pitching.” And that was only the start of Anderson’s tirade against public relations professionals who keep sloppy, out-of-date lists of press contacts….

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