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Social Media Monitoring and Press Clipping Service

Google Alerts picks up less than 10%
of our press release mentions.
Why does news monitoring matter?

  • You need to track the dollars spent on PR.
  • Visiting a search engine or news search site doesn't go deep enough.
  • Even the mighty Google doesn't spider and search all small newspapers, trade publications, and regional online sources
  • Google tries to avoid duplicate content.
  • Press release postings and shout outs are often ignored by the search engines as duplicate content.
  • Despite not showing up in Google News and other search engines, those duplicate postings and shout outs are creating buzz and getting your press release to unique individuals.

Isn't a Traditional Press Clipping Service Better?

Yes, a traditional press clipping service is much, much better and more comprehensive when coupled with online media monitoring. But, I cannot endorse one, nor would I advise ANY of my clients to seek one out. Why? Money. A traditional clipping service generally starts at $2,000 a month plus clipping fees. If you are in an esoteric or specialized industry, you may incur thousands, even tens of thousands, more for the clipping house to subscribe to those publications.

Shouldn't Press Clipping Be Free?

You get what you pay for. I know many of my clients rely on Google Alerts and may receive four to six links after their press release has been issued. We follow up all of our press release distributions with a WireWatch™ that routinely shows more than 100 links to your press release on various news and web sites.

Why Does Google News Miss So Many News Stories?

Google is a search engine and Google News is no different. There is no long-term benefit for Google to spider hundreds or thousands of identical news stories. Reuters, UPI, and the Associated Press (AP) -- among others -- license their content so there are literally thousands of identical news articles on different websites. Google must make sense of this noise. This means it often excludes duplicate sources, especially from lesser news sources.

CustomScoop™ Is an Affordable Online Press Clipping Service

CustomScoop™ is an affordable option for your online press clipping service needs. There are no per-clip fee. You pay a small monthly fee and get clips delivered automatically to your email. Public relations professionals know that measuring media presence is the key to long-term PR success. Marketers know that numbers and metrics are the backbone of measuring return-on-investment (ROI). Are you losing dollars because of a lack of PR metrics? Pricing for CustomScoop™ can be found here

What About Social Media?

CustomScoop™ includes a Social Media Search, including Twitter, Google Blog Search, YouTube, Technorati and more. There is no additional charge for this feature. It's become a social media world. You need to engage in it. Now you have a tool to monitor the social media engagement.

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