Why can I not keep the format I want? (fancy letterhead, funky font, pdf, etc.)

The newswire has it’s own very specific formatting requirements. There are formatting issues with both the newswire as well as the newswire’s partner websites that accept and re-publish these press releases. Therefore, we must send the press ... Read More

Can I embed videos, pictures, or sound files in my press release?

Images and a video may be included either as simple links within the press release, or they can be embedded in the body of the release. Simple Linking Option (no additional charge) You may include up to two images which will be linked by the newswire w... Read More

How many links can I have in my press release?

We believe having any more than five links in the average 500 word press release runs the risk of interfering with readability and may be viewed by search engines as a possible red flag. We believe you should list your url (offset in parantheses) after y... Read More

How is word count calculated in my press release?

The headline, dateline (including city / state), boilerplate, and media contact information all count towards the final word count. If it is content that is being distributed as part of your press release, it is included in the word count. The only exce... Read More