Can I embed videos, pictures, or sound files in my press release?

Images and a video may be included either as simple links within the press release, or they can be embedded in the body of the release.

Simple Linking Option (no additional charge)

You can place any type of link within your press release, including links to videos, pictures, PDFs, and other types of multimedia files.

Image Specifications

For best appearance your image size should be at least 600 pixels on the longest side, with 800 pixels the preferred size.

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Free Image Option (no additional charge)

Two images may be included within your press release at no additional charge. The free images will appear in your press release as published on but they will not be included on other syndicated sites where your press release may also be published.

Embedded Media Options

Your image(s) can be included on most syndicated sites by selecting Photo Embed which is an additional charge.

A single YouTube video may be embedded for an additional charge. Your embedded video will appear on most syndicated sites which publish your press release, also.

The embedded multimedia file will be viewable on hundreds of websites (for images, over 2000 partner websites support embedding, and for videos, over 700 partner sites support embedding). The total number that pick up your release will vary depending on industry and subject matter.

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