What is the difference between eReleases and its web based competitors like XYZ Web, etc.?

eReleases distributes press releases using three mechanisms:

    1. email submission directly to subscribing journalists, where applicable.
    2. posting on websites, making them available to search engines and social media.
    3. distribution on the major newswire for press releases, Cision PR Newswire,
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Why are eReleases’ prices higher than PR Newswire’s PRWeb (formerly iReach service)? [VIDEO]

Very simply, PRWeb/iReach is cheaper because it only reaches online news websites. Unlike eReleases, PRWeb doesn’t distribute your release to the millions of other journalists who work for non-online media.

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What makes your press release services different from your competitors? [VIDEO]

We never charge a membership fee. Unlike other press release services, we have no hidden charges. Our low prices stay low.

Our low price includes a custom national press release distribution through both Cision PR Newswire and the Associated Press (AP) Newswire for all of our customers. Also, Cision PR N… Read more