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When your social media campaign is under way, you may wonder what daily tasks you can do to keep your numbers rising and traffic flowing. Here are five simple little things you should do every day to maintain a healthy campaign that will get noticed for months and years to come.

1. A Little Chit-Chat

Sometimes you get so caught up in getting your message out or adding friends that you forget to pay attention to the friends and colleagues you’ve already made! You must remember the “social” part of social media for this to really work, so spend a little time interacting with people!

It doesn’t have to be much, either. Think of a little conversation on social media like a friendly pat on the back or passing handshake in a hallway. A simple gesture, doesn’t take long, but makes both parties feel better, and a little more connected.

2. A Little RTing

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As you watch your feed scroll by on Twitter, give a little love to some interesting info you happen to notice by retweeting it. Share it on your Facebook page, too. If you have room, tell WHY you think it’s so interesting. Whoever shared the info in the first place will appreciate it, your other followers will love what you sent, plus it gives you an opportunity to converse further with your Twitter and Facebook base.

Also, if you get retweeted, make sure to send out a quick thank you!

3. A Little Following

Don’t go scouring the web every single day for new people to follow, but if someone follows you, make sure to follow them back! One quick way to lose followers is to ignore them after they follow you. Sign up for a service like Nutshell Mail so you get notices when people follow you (or unfollow you).

Also, set aside one day a week to do said scouring for new and interesting people to follow or friend. A few hours of this should yield good results and get you through the rest of the week in getting new colleagues. Spend the time you otherwise would’ve used doing other things, like…

4. A Little Advertising

A little is exactly what we mean, too! Though blasting out your product or service all day isn’t a good idea, you still have to remind people exactly what you do or offer. Try to do this in a fun and interesting way; don’t just post a link to your web page and tell people to go. Be clever! If not, you may get lost in the flood of info dancing across users’ screens. If your product solves a problem for people, include that in your message, or even do something silly like come up with a rhyme or jingle.

5. A Little Damage Control

Lastly, if there’s anything on your social media sonar that remotely looks like a problem, address it immediately! Respond to that Facebook message about your product’s potential harm to kittens before it explodes all over the Internet. Don’t let that tweet from an angry user who missed an important meeting because your custom alarm clock didn’t work right slide by unanswered. Time is of the essence.

As we saw from the Cooks Source scandal, things will spread like wildfire on the Internet if not addressed properly. A simple exchange through email then shared with the world of social media has caused a website to go dark. Don’t let it happen to you!

Share some of things you do every day on social media below.

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