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PR graduates who know how to pump out a press release are a dime a dozen. However, you’re looking for GOOD press releases and don’t want to get something that looks like it was done via a form. How do you filter out the rest and hire the best? Let’s take a look at some ways you can evaluate your potential press release writer.


Sorry recent grads, but it’s the truth. Sometimes there’s just no replacement for good experience. Knowing what to include, what NOT to include, and even when to mess with the usual formula are all things you eventually learn down the road. Taking classes is just no substitute for real world experience.

Press releases stand a slim chance of getting noticed as it is. When the chips are on the table, you want somebody that knows how to get the job done, even if it takes some unorthodox thinking. This comes from sending out hundreds upon hundreds of press releases!

writing press releases stress you out

Quick On Their Feet

Obviously it’s not just all about experience, so there’s some hope for recent grads! One of the most important traits a PR pro can have is to be able to think on their feet. Situations come up constantly in this line of work and you have to adapt quickly. If your press release writer can’t change their tactics to fit the current issue, then they won’t work at all.

Try giving them some tests to see how well they work under pressure. They don’t have to be writer tests, per se. Just think of some ways you can test them and their ability to swiftly adapt. You can even design your interview process around this.

Writing Ability

Of course if your PR pro can’t write well at all, what’s the point of even having them around? This is especially true when it comes to press releases. Often, a single mistake will make the difference between getting picked up by the press or experiencing total failure. Any excuse journalists can find to not use your story, they will. A good writer will never give them this excuse.

includes basic grammar and spelling. One way to evaluate a potential press release writer is to check out their emails. Even in every day correspondence, a good writer will use proper grammar and spelling, especially in a business environment. If they aren’t able to do this, they may not be a good fit for your press release writing needs, either.

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