What makes your press release services different from your competitors?

We never charge a membership fee. Unlike other press release services, we have no hidden or extra charges. Our low prices stay low.

We don’t spam journalists. Our sources have opted to receive our press releases. Beware of press release services who bombard journalists with unwelcome emails: you’ll run the risk of weakening your impact and alienating the very audience you want to impress.

We contact interested journalists directly. We reach more than 94 percent of our sources by name, and send press releases to their personal email addresses. Other press release services simply use a generic “[email protected]” format.

Journalists want to hear from us, so we clearly identify ourselves in every press release, letting our subscribing journalists know, “This is information that will interest you.”

Our low price includes press release distribution through both PR Newswire and the Associated Press (AP) Newswire for all of our customers. Also, PR Newswire streams our press releases directly to a number of popular websites.

We don’t just send your press release. We send you proof of distribution! As an eReleases customer, you’ll receive a customized WireWatch™ report with links to your press release on more than 120 media websites, including Yahoo! and PR Newswire.

We’re honest about your chances of success. If it were easy to get press, every company worldwide would be doing it. And PR firms wouldn’t be charging $6,000 a month with no guarantee of coverage. eReleases tells you the truth: your odds of coverage depend on several variables, including newsworthiness, your press release (the hook), timing, and luck.

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