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I’m a PR guy, and I know a number of other PR guys and gals who I respect more than I can even put into words. But let’s face it. Our industry is plagued with some pretty annoying people. These are the types of PR guys who waste journalists’ time, overcharge their clueless clients, and use ridiculous PR speak, like “synthesize goal-oriented mindshare” or “client-centric functionalities.”

I’ve come up with a list of 8 different types of annoying PR people. Check it out, and after you’ve had a few laughs, add your own types of annoying PR people by leaving a comment below.

1.     The Impersonal PR Guy – If you’re making a pitch to a journalist, at least try to make it personal. Refer to the journalist by name, and make reference to some of his or her past work. Sending generic, effortless pitches is a surefire way to have your story ignored. Stop taking shortcuts!

2.     The Hyperbole PR Guy – There’s nothing a journalist hates more than getting a press release full of all hype and no facts. Just state the facts, and cut out all the extra fluff. Words and phrases like “leading,” “unique,” “best in class,” and “excellent” are typically subjective and have no place in a news piece.

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3.     The Unavailable PR Guy – You need to be available whenever a journalist comes calling. If you can’t get back to journalists in a timely fashion (remember, they have deadlines), they’ll start to view you as unreliable and untrustworthy.

4.     The Disrespectful PR Guy – Journalists are busy. They’re constantly being bombarded with press releases and phone calls from other PR guys, and they’re always facing tight deadlines. You can’t expect them to sit on the phone and chit-chat with you all day long. Be respectful of their time, and they’ll show you respect too.

5.     The Bribing PR Guy – You’ve gotta love this PR guy. He tries to bribe the media by sending various gifts. Here’s a tip. Rather than trying to pay the media, why not learn how to write better pitches and be more effective at following up?

6.     The Overly Controlling PR Guy – Obviously, it’s important that a PR guy ensures his clients come off as good as possible in the media, but you can’t be that pain in the @$$, overly controlling PR guy who tries to control every word said about your clients. Journalists hate PR people like that, and they’ll avoid working with them at all costs.

7.     The No-News PR Guy – It’s shocking how many PR people still don’t have a basic grasp on what the word “newsworthy” means. 90% of the press releases out there are just pure, promotional garbage that have absolutely zero news value.

8. The Whiny PR Guy – Get over it. The media isn’t going to break their backs to make sure you’re always happy. Things won’t always go your way. Want to cry about it? You’re in the wrong business.

What are some other types of annoying PR people? Share yours by leaving a comment below.

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