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Anyone can make a New Year’s resolution. Heck, we all do, though “losing weight” and “finding more time for community service” quickly fades away once February hits.

Instead of resolutions this year, how about some promises to yourself and to your business? You may treat it a little more seriously, and with these improvements you’re guarantee to start your business year with a bang!

1. Try a New Outlet

Always wanted to attempt a viral game but never had the time? Thought about jumping on Gowalla and making a walkable tour for your city (that includes your business, of course) but keep putting it off? Now’s the time to act! Think of three things you’ve always wanted to do with your company but were either too busy or too afraid to do…and just do them!

2. Go After a New Market

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Your loyal customers and fan base are great and all. But eventually you have to reach outside of your comfort zone and market to the rest of the world. In the new year, expand your PR and marketing to reach new groups of people you never thought of before.

To get you started, try to reach people who are CLOSE to your already existing market. For instance, if you already sell to science fiction fans, try to market to the horror or fantasy crowd next. When they latch on, go a little further out.

3. Spend More Time Thinking

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle of your work schedule. But there are some very real benefits to taking some time to just…think. Sit back, put on some background music, and spend some time thinking either about new product innovations or problems your company is having. Brainstorming just a few minutes a day can have some positive effects.

4. Delegate

How swamped were you in 2011? Don’t let 2012 treat you the same way! Many of us (including yours truly) have trouble letting go enough to delegate tasks to others. But if you really want your business to skyrocket into the next level, you’ll have to let others do work for you; otherwise, you’ll lose your mind with responsibility!

Choose a few things to let go of at first to test the waters. Eventually, you’ll see that you don’t miss those little things and will be able to let go of a little more, and so on and so forth.

5. Find More Time to Relax

Yeah, this list is how to start off with a “bang” in business. But part of that “bang” is learning how to live your life and have a little fun. 2011 was a probably a pretty busy year, right? We’re just coming out of the slumped economy and times may be improving, but they’re still tough.

So find some more time to chill out this year. Don’t bring your laptop and smart phone – just get out there and have some fun. Visit relatives you haven’t seen in a while. Have an extra drink with a friend. When it’s time to get back to work, you’ll be more rested and ready to go.

How do you plan on making 2012 a great year for your business?

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