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Never Seen ROI That Even Comes Close

Here’s what took place with my first Press Release with eReleases. From 12/14/2011 – 01/08/2012 my site had just 40 valid links. The Press Release was sent out on 01/09/2012 … as of 01/14/2012 my site has 108 valid links with an average Link Grade of 71 (High).

What else needs to be said … I will be purchasing a minimum of 2 more on Monday when I return to my office.

Quite frankly, when I google Brain Swaggle (my web site) I can literally see pages and pages of search results…truly exciting.

Before I left my last position in the corporate world I was the director of national sales for a company and have never seen a ROI that even comes close to what this has produced.

Honestly, if you don’t try this at-least one time, you deserve your current ROI…end of story!

I do wish you well!

G. Tommy
Brain Swaggle