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First Time Any Service Provider Called Me Overseas

I have had nothing but very positive experiences with eReleases so far. I do a lot of business with companies in the US (I am based in Tokyo), but this is the FIRST time that any service provider has actually called me overseas and said, “Thanks for using our service. How can we help to […]

Reporter Called and Did a Story

Janelle, Thanks for all the dedicated personal service you have shown us. We appreciate the one-on-one help we have received from you. You will be happy to hear that the local business journal that we were targeting ran our press release as they were supposed to AND a reporter called us and did a small […]

It Doesn’t Get Any Better

As an award winning publicist I have tried many release distribution channels over the years. NONE compare to the eRealeases product and GREAT customer service. It does not get any better. J. Michael Palka, Senior Business Advisor Marketing500

Fantastic Results

I’ve paid to have online press releases done for me over the past 10 years, and have never had anywhere near the fantastic results I’ve had with – and you can quote me on that! I recommend them to anyone I know who wants to do press releases, period. Ernie de los Santos, Founder […]

Got Story in Variety

Thank you dear friends for your efforts. We already have a huge story in Variety

Uneasy First-Time Customer Got Two Editorial Features Written

Not having used a press release service before, I was a bit uneasy about making the choice between several other competitors of eReleases. To my relief and delight, they made the entire process very simple and the results were very impressive. On our first release, we got the attention of several key media outlets, two […]

Independent Author Sticks to Monthly Press Release Plan

I have had a fantastic experience with eReleases! I have had some write-ups about my novel. You do have to have releases each month to gain the exposure you need. It does work but you have to be prepared to stick to a good plan and well written releases and do this for at least […]

Customer Tested Different Press Release Services

In 2012 I kicked off a press release campaign that involved 1 press release a week for 10 weeks. I used a different service for each release to see, A) which gave me my best bang for the buck and B) which was these least painful to use. eReleases was my favorite of them all. […]

Phones rang a lot this morning

Actually the press released worked really well. It created a busy day… Good problem to have. Phones rang a lot this morning.

Really well done!

As I said in our news piece about eReleases, the truly great thing about you guys is that you really care about your clients. That’s so nice, a great comfort and quite rare in these hectic times. Really well done! I’m already planning the next release. With the current release being the foundation of our […]

Best Investment in my Business just from the Rankings and Traffic Alone

Hey guys, Kevin here from I just wanted to thank the team at for the recent press release they helped me with that now has my website ranking in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing in under a month since I launched the website. When I launched the website, I […]

Mickie, You Have a Terrific Team

“I was a little dismayed when Heather was no longer available, but …”

-Julie Celeste Pimentel, Managing Partner
Celeste Daniels

You Guys Continue to Get Better

“Everything that you guys have done, all the information you have passed on …”

– Robert Waller
Norcal Ag Service Inc.

Called by National TV Show (and Four Other Media Inquiries)

“In the three days since the press release was sent, we’ve received five media inquiries … In the past I’ve used PR Newswire, but the value proposition that eReleases offers is phenomenal.”

-Frank J. Rosello, Co-Founder & CEO
Reflection Band

Interview with a Pretty Big Radio Station

“Because of the release, I think Jim may be doing an interview with a pretty big radio station …”

– Andres Garabis

Success – 4 Articles in Hearst Connecticut Publications

“two hours after the distribution occurred, I had a call from a business editor at Hearst Media’s Connecticut office…”

-Ray Keating, Managing Member
Pontimax Technologies & yrConnected

After a Week, I am Still Amazed at the Amount of Exposure

“Not too long ago, I used another press release company and was “somewhat” satisfied with the results…”

– John W. Bowlin, Sr.
Bowlin Security Consulting, LLC

Definitely Earned My Repeat Business

“I love your book and the personalized advice included in the letter for press releases ideas.”

Heather Sonnenberg
Lil’ Cub Hub, LLC

Incredible, Thoughtful, Brilliant, Fabulous

“It is people like you that will help turn this project into a movement with many followers. Thanks again!”

Janine Shea
Unsung to Unstoppable

First Release Scores ‘Financial Advisor’ Article

“I am very excited to have gotten into ‘Financial Advisor’ with the first Release.”

Bill Seagraves
CatchFire Funding

Object Lesson for My Kids: eReleases went Above and Beyond any Reasonable Measure of Sanity

“I’m sure you guys hear wonderful comments about your service all the time (you did great for me), but I just had to drop you a note to tell you how much you guys rock with your customer follow-up!”

David Nemzoff, President

I Get It – You Succeed by Honestly Helping Others Succeed

“I appreciate this attention, and I am inspired by it.”

Terry Woodall

No One Should Even Think of Using Another PR Service

“I will be looking for numerous blogs to tell my story of how incredible eReleases is and that no one should even think of using another online PR Service. Your company delivers and they do it in a BIG WAY!”

John Martinson

Already 2 Phone Interviews!

“Great job by everyone on your end! 264 pickups already, and 2 phone interviews!”

Tom Zgainer
America’s Best 401K

Author Snags Radio Interview, Lands Monthly Expert Column

“Within 2 hours of the release going live, our author was booked …”

– Kenny Atcheson

Distribution is Excellent

“I use eReleases for our own PR needs in addition to my client’s PR needs because their customer service is excellent.”

Ryan Cote
The Ballantine Corporation

Your Analysis is Very Helpful

“I’m really impressed by your customer service and response time — your analysis is very helpful. “

Shelley Rossi, VP Communications

Kudos on Your Customer Service

“I distributed a press release through your company a couple of weeks ago, and from the get-go your staff reached out to me to assist with my order.”

Moses Frenck, President & CEO
Samexa Corporation

So Glad I Found eReleases

“Thank you for warm welcome extended by you and your team. I’m so glad I found eReleases!”

Campbell Wood
Hammond Communications Group

Thoroughly Satisfied Beyond Measure!

“Thoroughly satisfied beyond measure!”

Sara Knight
Knight Strategy Consulting