Customer Referral Program

Refer a new customer to eReleases.

Receive one free PR Pro™ credit ($499 value).

If you are an existing eReleases customer, you already appreciate the value of our service.

Refer others easily – just tell your friend to

enter “Referred by: your name, company name, or email address”  in the Comments section of the checkout page.

Once we confirm that this person is a new customer for eReleases, we’ll add a PR Pro™ credit to your account, absolutely free!

The Rules:

  1. Must be a new customer.
  2. The customer must tell us you have referred them.
  3. Good for first-time purchase of any eReleases package. (The best deal for new customers is at, we suggest you send your referrals there.


How will I know that I have earned a referral?

We will add the credit to your account, and will email you promptly.

What if the new customer forgets to tell us that you have referred them?

Tell us within a week after the order is placed, and we’ll give you the referral credit.

Do they have to purchase the eReleases Special Welcome to eReleases Promotion for $269?

No. Any eReleases package is eligible for this referral program. But the Special Welcome package is the best fit for most.