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  1. Finding Your PR Muse

    September 04 2013

    Inspiration can spring from all sorts of places. When designing a public relations campaign, that inspiration may seem fleeting at times, considering that today we have access to a world of information and it can seem like nearly everything has already been done. How are you supposed to come up with an interesting campaign if everything you think of is a copy? …

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  2. 7 Ways to Become a Better PR Pro

    July 02 2013

    Whether you’re just getting your start in the business or you’ve been at this for years, there’s always room to improve your skills and become a better PR pro. Doing so will help you achieve better results for your clients and better results for your career….

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  3. Finding Your Voice When Most of Them are Already Taken

    June 10 2013

    Business blogs everywhere all say the same thing: find your company’s “voice” and half the work is done for you. Suddenly everyone knows you because of your unique presence and you can’t physically stop the money from rolling right into your bank account!…

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  4. 5 Signs You’re a Twitter Bonehead

    November 30 2011

    Twitter has proven to be a great tool for companies to engage the public and build their brand. On the flip side, it has also shown itself to be perfect for people and businesses to make fools of themselves and kill their public perception. Who’d have thought you could prove yourself to be a complete Twitter bonehead and ruin your brand in 140 characters or less?…

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  5. 3 Phrases Journalists Hate to Hear When Being Pitched

    July 15 2011

    Life is full of clichés, isn’t it? But some aspects of life are definitely more cliché-riddled than others. Case in point, the world of journalism, specifically when it comes to dealing with folks like…us! That’s right, PR pros can so of the worst offenders when it comes to dishing out tired phrases and marketing doublespeak. Let’s go over a few you can easily avoid when talking to journalists in an attempt to get your story out to the public….

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