What is the cost for “extra” words or to add more words? How many words can be used in a press release?

Each of our distribution packages includes a certain number of words.

    Regarding word count – the headline, dateline (including city / state), boilerplate, and media contact information all count towards the final word count. If it is content that is being distributed as part of your press release, it is included in the word count. The one EXCEPTION to this is any captions you include with image(s), a caption is not included in the word count, but is limited to 500 characters.

If your press release contains more words than are included in the distribution package you have selected, there is an additional charge, which is based upon each “block” of up to 100 additional words which is needed to satisfy the difference between the number of words in your press release and the number of words included in your distribution package.

These are summarized at https://www.ereleases.com/pricing/

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