Why can I not keep the format I want? (fancy letterhead, funky font, pdf, etc.)

The newswire has it’s own very specific formatting requirements. There are formatting issues with both the newswire as well as the newswire’s partner websites that accept and re-publish these press releases. Therefore, we must send the press release in a format that is acceptable to the newswire.

We recommend that you include links after the first mention of your company, and in the “about” or boilerplate section of your press release, as well as with the press contact. And if you mention specific products or services where a direct link to an internal page on your website would be advantageous, we recommend including such a link there. Anything more runs the risk of appearing unnatural and may alienate journalists and search engines alike.

It’s just a matter of finding the right balance. But to summarize, there is no limit to the number of links you may have in your press release.

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