I see you’re a PR Newswire partner. Why do the major newswires, including Business Wire, charge more for national distribution than you? What am I missing by going with you?

While we are a PR Newswire partner, we are not simply a reseller. eReleases features a robust distribution of its own. We are designed to provide a comprehensive national U.S. distribution of your press release through our Buzz Builder™, Newsmaker™ and PR Pro™ services, which also happens to include PR Newswire. You will receive email access to subscribing journalists through eReleases that you would not otherwise receive through another service. You will also receive a PRTrue Pitch™ distribution that you can only obtain through eReleases’ top-tier offering, PR Pro™. In addition, through our Newsmaker™ and PR Pro™ plans, you will receive extra words. All of the major newswires begin charging extra at 400 words. We can also provide local targeting or regional saturation as well.

The reason we’re able to offer the PR Newswire distribution is because our client base is made up of thousands of small businesses, most of which don’t have access to, or a strong understanding of, press release newswires.

This fact allows eReleases to act as sort of a press release cooperative for small and some mid-sized businesses. And because of our volume, we were able to negotiate a substantial discount with the newswire. That discount is passed along to our customers through our more affordable prices.

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