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Four press release service submission plans - compared to each other and PRWeb's most comparable plan: PRWeb
Newswire Lite™ Buzz Builder™ Newsmaker™ PR Pro™ Premium
Price $249 $299 $399 $499 $369
Included Words 400 400 500 600  
Newswire Opt-In Industry Journalist Target Lists 1 2 3  
Your release posted on at least this many media sites 75 100 150  
PRTrue List™    
Tier-1 Newswire US National Distribution Direct to Editorial Desks          
WireWatch™ Proof of Distribution Report          
Associated Press (AP) Newswire & Google News          
Journalists 100,000+ 100,000+ 100,000+ 100,000+ 30,000

A press release distribution company is only as good as its database and newswire partner.

I Know, You've Been Burned Before
You tried cheap (or free) press releases.
They didn't work. (Link)

  • You may be about to spend $100 or less with some PR service.
  • If you haven't yet, great. You haven't wasted your money.
  • If you have, you know the answer: it won't work either.
  • Don't worry. You've got lots of company.

We Interrupt This Message

To tell you about ... our people? Yes.

This is not some stale corporate boilerplate that would sadden the cutest of kittens ...This is about eReleases' real people, an enthusiastic bunch of bibliophiles.

Janelle - Samantha - Randolph - Mickie - Pearl - Alex - Allison - Katy

eReleases' people and service are what truly sets us apart.

Customer Comments About eReleases People
Our Customers Say It Best
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... I have issued press releases through PR Newswire, PR Web and the less expensive variants and nothing has compared with the service and support I got with EReleases. The editors spent quality time going over my press release and had very good advice that significantly improved the release.

Kevin Saunders
KGS Bikes

... and also spent considerable time walking us through the process, answering all of our questions, and making sure we were happy with our press release ...

Mark F. Thimmig
CEO, President
Mindstream, LLC

"Very pleased at the personal attention and professional service of the ereleases team."

M.P.Raymond, Author
"Bigfoot Declassified"

Unlike many similar services on the Internet today, eReleases is backed by real people that answer emails and the phone on a near real-time basis as-needed ..
Mary Wilson
Public Relations Specialist
NetFrameworks, Inc.

... eReleases helped me improve my press release and explained what AND why I needed to make those changes. And then, within a few hours, that release reached a far wider audience than it had in seven days with the other company and for half the price ...

Julie Lyonn Lieberman

... You guys are TOO funny!
Glad to be working with people who can take themselves lightly!!! ...

Ashley Newman
Marketing Manager, HydroMassage

... Heather, thanks for helping on the release details and helping me clean it up. Andrew, the WireWatch report was incredibly helpful to see where it actually got picked up ...

Mike Wokasch
author of Pharmaplasia

eReleases' thoughtful and complete editing service saved us from national embarrassment and their dawn-till-dusk service is unparalleled.

Charles D. Dreher
Executive Vice President
Commonwealth Capital Advisors

... The staff is professional - a joy with which to work - and always on the money when it comes to suggestions or target audiences. Their expertise is an invaluable tool and important piece of our media mix ...

Craig Melone
President and Founder
Hands On Public Relations & Marketing

You and your team are awesome ...

Atul Salgaonkar, CEO
PreviMed, Inc.

I am new to the PR field and my representative was available every step of the way to answer all my questions ...

Lisa Mengarelli
Beacon Funding Corporation

Hey guys - got your handwritten brainstorm notes and really appreciated them. Check the link below (we posted a blog post saying we love you ...)

Frank O'Brien

The level of personal attention from Mickie's staff is incredible ...

Cyrus Shepard
Globe Student Discount

Extreme professionalism, timeliness, and a breeze to work with ...

Dan Salcedo
VP Communications
SingleHop, Inc.

... but's friendly, speedy staff helped us increase our reach, and maximize our budget. Their savvy experts helped us with the distribution so we could focus on what we do best ...

Dan Truman
ASC International, Ltd.

They also have outstanding customer service, who are always available, pleasant and eager to help ...

Richard Krueger
Chief Marketing Officer

... from a "new customer" perspective, your team not only did everything you said you would do, but much, much more ... your team obviously took the time to personalize the message in a very appropriate and professional manner for each and every recipient ... I can honestly say I've never been treated this "special" before - and I sincerely appreciate the excellent feedback your team provided to me before, during and after the release ... I was absolutely thrilled with the support your team gave to my account.

Howard L. Rodgers
Author, Raising Superman! (Autism 101)

... Working with Heather was quite a pleasure. She's very good at what she does ...

Annette M Hudson, CPT

... Not only did I actually have email correspondence with actual human beings, but a handwritten note with some tips and suggestions. Now that is great customer service if I have ever seen it!

Chad Zamler
Media Genesis

... On the PR side I love the attention they give to helping their clients create the best possible press releases for maximum impact, as well as the fabulous brainstorming sessions they create to help generate fresh ideas for future releases ...

Octavia Bostick
CEO, Ballyhoo PR

... Our team was extremely impressed with the professionalism ...

Gianna Bruno
Director of Marketing,

... We also extend a special note of appreciation to your senior editor, Heather Fuller, for her expert advice ...

Kathleen Staples
Manager, Sales & Marketing
Strategix Performance, Inc.

... I would like to credit Heather for her help tuning up our submitted release, then getting it out right on time ...

Michael Bragg, Creator
FuelClinic Driver Improvement System

... We especially appreciate the unparalleled quality of your customer service and professionalism combined with a genuine generosity of spirit ...

Geela Parish, Creator
Women Transforming The World

... You and your team are first class! I've used several other press release services ... none of them provide the personal touch of eReleases. With eReleases, I feel like I actually matter and you care about my success. That means a lot ...

Shawn Ellis
The Speakers Group

In this day of hurry-up-and-get-it-done, E-releases is my hero. They take the time to carefully read each press release, then contact the sender with any questions. E-Releases is like having a dedicated partner in my one-person office. The E-releases difference is that they're as concerned with the success of your company as you are ... Great Service - Heather and Mickie and the rest of the staff are thorough, professional, patient and extremely service oriented. They've saved me many a time and are always immediately available. They've actually made some suggestions that improved my releases prior to going out ... Customer support is important to me and eReleases is always quick to respond and extremely helpful ... Their professionalism, and customer orientation is a refreshing approach. Many thanks for all the great service.

Marti Mayne

I want to thank you and your staff for your excellent follow up. I recently used one of your primary competitors and received nothing but a billing confirmation once I submitted my press release. I have had 3 follow up emails already, and excellent suggestions from your staff on how to maximize results of my press release.

Tim Brick
Vice President Sales and Marketing

... We've been very pleased with' customer service and prompt attention to our questions and needs ...

Lisa Bryan
Word Works Press Release Writing Service

... We found their quick response to queries refreshing and the overall customer support we received was excellent ...

Kevin McDonnell

... Quality service and helpful friendly folks ...

Amanda Melbourne
Find One Find All

I cannot thank you enough for the professional and personal service you provide to those of us who write press releases. The "Welcome" email you sent to me as a new customer exceeded my expectations but the Thanksgiving Card was over the top! I am recommending you to all my clients. Thank you again. You all are terrific!

Cathy Minardi
President, Management Advantage

... Your editorial director Heather assuaged all my fears and made it very easy for me to get national distribution ...

Edward Weiss
Quiescence Music

... I contacted Heather, for the first time late Friday. My company is extraordinarily pleased with her personal service, and your company as well ...

Pat Thomas

After our initial use of eReleases, we received a personal email from their staff, and topic suggestions for our next press release based on the unique features of Anjolee. Their personal suggestions made us think differently about the way we write our press releases.
Although other press release companies we used in the past were less expensive, the quality of customer service and the measurable results makes using eReleases an easy choice.

Marla Reinig
Marketing Executive

Your customer service has been excellent and you have made it very easy for me, as a novice to issuing press releases, to get our message out. Your website is extremely helpful, but I have been most impressed by the personal service ...

Tom Lund, Inc.

Thank you so much for your timely responses to my questions, and your excellent customer service ...

Tracy S. Epley
Managing Editor
Enna Products

Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to have a free 10 minute consult with Heather Fuller. She was very helpful with specific recommendations for changes for my book launch release. Having never written a press release before, I found her comments invaluable. She is a real asset to eReleases. Thank you.

Mike Wokasch
Author of Pharmaplasia ™

Mickie, just wanted to thank you for a thoroughly professional experience with regard to my press release. Your staff was a joy to work with ...

Bill Crawford, Ph.D.
Crawford Performance Solutions

What You Should Know About Public Relations

Avoid the Shell Game

The fact is that press releases often yield low responses, even when your release is actually getting to journalists.

Why does this matter?

If you play the shell game of using cheap providers, you will always lose. Cheap services just don't get you in front of journalists. Why play cards in a casino where you always lose?

One Path to True Media Attention

If you want to get media attention through press releases, there is only one way: a service that reaches subscribing journalists and a service that posts your press release on a true, Tier-1 newswire (like PR Newswire, the oldest and largest newswire of press releases).

The Model the Big-Bucks PR Firms Use

PR firms first turn to their rolodex (akin to our subscribing journalists), and then they use a Tier-1 newswire. Finally they bill their client for several thousand dollars. The fact is that this method does work. Odds are not great (PR firms don't guarantee results) but for every 4-12 press releases, many clients hit it big.

What Does Hit It Big Mean?

Maybe an article in a major newspaper or magazine. Perhaps a radio or TV interview. More likely, a local newspaper or a trade publication.

Regardless, the equivalent ad space for such an article may be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Most importantly, an article creates credibility.

Advertising vs. PR

An ad is plagued by suspicion. When you see an ad that says a company's laptop is best, do you believe it? Do you even read the whole ad?

But when Walter Mossberg says in his column that a company's laptop is the best value, do you believe that? Regardless, many Wall Street Journal readers believe what Mossberg writes. That is the difference between advertising and PR.

Good PR is built on trust and credibility. Advertising has a history of being built on lies and half-truths.

Press Releases Work

Every so often, someone writes that press releases don't work. They are just selling something, maybe a book, maybe their own press release alternative.

I can tell you this. Press releases do work and I have hundreds of customers that prove it. Check out their stories here.

What You Should Know About eReleases

Why Is eReleases Different?

eReleases was founded more than a decade ago with one mission: Biggest Bang for Your PR Buck™

Several years ago, we partnered with the leader in Tier-1 press release newswires: PR Newswire. We told PR Newswire that our clients would never pay what is now about $1,000 for a 500 word press release. I explained that our customer base of thousands of small business owners represent an unserved market at PR Newswire.

Fortunately for our customers, PR Newswire listened and continues to recognize the importance of giving these small business owners access to the leading national press release newswire.

eReleases Is Built on Relationships With the Media

eReleases features a database of more than 100,000 subscribing journalists. I'm proud of this number. Other services less than two years old claim 250,000 journalists or more in their database.

I know the difference. These are off-the-shelf software databases that are filled with nonsense email addresses like [email protected] They don't reach individual journalists in most cases and when they do, they are treated as the spam they are.

eReleases knows what any savvy publicist knows: it's not the size of your rolodex that matters, it's your relationship to the media.

What You Should Know About Press Release Services

Don't Be Fooled By Numbers

We don't have a database of 250,000 journalists ... and you don't want them. Rather than spam journalists, we facilitate relationships with journalists we treat as subscribers. The result: editors and reporters expect our press releases and read them.

We could easily buy a database of xxx,xxx journalists and pour them into our database. However, most of those media lists consist mostly of generic "newsroom" email addresses. We don't operate that way because journalists won't respond.

Why You Should Care About Tier-1 Newswire Inclusion

Our newswire partner is PR Newswire. All of our press release distributions at eReleases® include a comprehensive newswire transmission over PR Newswire's first-class, Tier-1 newswire.

Why does PR Newswire matter?

It is the oldest, most respected, and largest newswire of press releases. Prior to the creation of PR Newswire in 1954, companies and organizations sending out press releases had to messenger or mail individual copies to journalists and media outlets.

The company migrated to digital transmission in 1982 and has invested tens of millions of dollars into its infrastructure and transmission services, which includes a dedicated newswire, Internet, satellite and fax network. The company currently boasts more than 600 webfeeds.

Why You Aren't Getting the Same Service for Cheap

If you are comparing us against a free service or a sub-$299 service for national distribution, it is not what eReleases® or most respectable PR professionals would consider a true newswire service.

Posting a press release on a website and emailing it out is not a newswire service, even if the company calls itself a newswire or has "wire" in its name.

Go to your local yellow pages and call PR firms at random. Ask to speak to the principal or someone who is not an intern or receptionist. Ask them what newswire they use. In the majority of the cases, it will be the same two names — PR Newswire and BusinessWire — which also happen to jointly make up the Tier-1 newswires of press releases.

None of the other guys matter (Tier-2, Tier-3 newswires) until they get better market share (and until journalists start to pay an equal amount of attention reviewing their newsfeeds). In the same way that Google controls the bulk of search engine traffic (with Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing, among others, trying to catch up), PR Newswire has established itself as the press release leader.

You can't get a national distribution on PR Newswire or BusinessWire for free .... or even for a few hundred dollars. Although the Tier-2 newswires are making inroads, why bother handicapping yourself from the start, especially since getting press isn't easy.

Why You Should Care About True National Distribution

Many press release services offer "National Distribution" but in reality they only offer state or regional distribution through a major newswire and utilize "privately collected" national sources of distribution.

We are the only service that has an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire to distribute press releases through a custom tier-1 distribution.

Our distribution features:
  • PR Newswire Media Only Website (85,000 registered journalists)
  • Over 100,000 opt-in journalist subscribers
  • 22,000 newsrooms
  • Over 17,500 newspapers, radio and TV outlets
  • Over 5,800 websites and online databases
  • A hand-crafted PRTrue List™ email blast to specialized reporters
  • Our editor-selected PRTrue Lists™ are high-priority lists covering a wide range of industry niches. Each list includes hand-selected reporters, with PR delivery by email or fax. Each email or fax is sent directly to a specific person and is likely to merit a strong browsing by industry journalists. In fact, the PR delivery rate to these lists exceeds 94 percent.

Why You Want Proof Your PR Was Sent

The other services may or may not have sent your press release. How can you tell? A link to the release on their website alone is not enough.

That is why we offer our WireWatch™ proof of distribution for all of our customers. No one else has it.

Just a few hours after your press release has been distributed, we email you our WireWatch™ report, providing you as many as 200 live links showing your press release on various media websites, like MarketWatch,, Reuters, PR Newswire, and Yahoo! In addition, your press release will generally show up on the news searches of Yahoo! and Google.

Why You Want a Service That Proofs Your Release Before Hitting Send

Two sets of eyes are better than one. How about three sets of eyes?

With our ReleaseReview™ system, we catch mistakes, including grammar, punctuation, and style. Two levels of editorial review, both at eReleases® and PR Newswire, mean you're less likely to be caught with a mistake that would make you look unprofessional to the media.

In fact, our newswire partner PR Newswire caught more than 32,000 errors in press releases submitted in the first month of 2012. That's nearly one error found in every two releases.

When you consider that many of these press releases came from Fortune 1000 and high-priced PR firms, are you convinced you didn't make at least one mistake in your press release?

A Service Committed to PR & in Good Standing With the BBB

The biggest fear on the Internet is that you might have just placed an order at a website that might not be a real company (and may or may not provide the service being advertised).

eReleases® has full-time staff and operates with a full-time commitment to press release services. We list our physical address as well as our telephone number.

We are not a web hosting company that has branched out into press release services, nor are we an online lingerie business operator or a web design company. But three of our smaller competitors are just that ... so be careful.

We are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have never had a complaint filed against us in our thirteen-plus years of business. We were founded out of the belief that small- and mid-sized companies deserved personal attention and press release services that could be provided on an "a la carte" as-needed basis without commitment and without retainers.

Why You Want a Service That Levels With You

Hype: You see it in infomercials and you see it in consumer marketing. You shouldn't see it in a press release (just the facts and a compelling hook) and you really shouldn't see it in your press release distribution service.

The fact is that PR placement is hard to obtain. However, it does happen, and the odds are in your favor when you're working with a solid press release, grounded expectations, and a company like eReleases®.

If it were simply a matter of paying us $399 or another service $600 to get lots of media pickup, the PR industry would be a lonely place with few PR firms. The fact is that PR firms can handle your press release needs but they also work beyond the press release, including personal media pitches, PR strategy, research, marketing communications, etc.

Although we're not a PR firm (some of our best clients are PR firms), we handle the press release aspect of PR (both writing and distribution) with a more comprehensive, targeted, and affordable approach.

Why You Should Act Now Rather Than Later

Among the potential clients we talk to by email or over the phone who tend to fail as a whole (websites disappear and email addresses bounce) are those who do nothing. They ask the right questions and share their concerns. But most never send a press release through us or any company. Perhaps a few use a free or low-cost provider with the predictable "you get what you pay for" results.

Is it fear? Is it a lack of capital? How about inertia? The principle of inertia states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

No matter what press release distribution company you use, the important thing is to commit yourself to an ongoing press release campaign and to get started with your next press release. Remember that a single press release is not an end-game. It may take weeks or months (and several press releases with varying hooks) to land your first major story.

However, press releases help to build credibility and awareness not only with the media but with vendors and clients. As you send subsequent press releases, you will find it easier to get coverage in major newspapers and key trade publications. You should find it easier to land new clients and contracts with suppliers and vendors.

After all, a press release says you are a real company that takes your image and reputation seriously.

Click on Our Customers' Stories

"Annual PR Campaign Garnered 338.8M Impressions ($500,000 Value)"
- Marti Mayne, Media Contact for Bed&,

While some releases are more effective than others, we have received literally millions of impressions from stories picked up from eReleases distribution. uses eReleases to distribute their most important news, and have consistently been happy with the outcome in stories that appear in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet.

We measure the success of our PR Program in impressions and their value.'s annual PR campaign garnered more than 338.8 million impressions with a retail value of more than a half million dollars. We could not have achieved that kind of exposure without the help of eReleases distribution. Additionally, the relationshiop eReleases has with major search engines helps to index us with not only those search engines but high-profile media too.

The difference between eReleases and other online distribution services is:

  1. The cost - eReleases is one of the most affordable services at $399 per press release, also allowing 500 words vs. the usual 400.
  2. Our release goes out on PR Newswire - one of the most trusted and effective wire services available. Other online distribution services may use the Internet, but not a trusted wire service for distributing news. Using PR Newswire makes a huge difference in story pick up.

I really appreciate a company like eReleases. Customer support is important to me and eReleases is always quick to respond and extremely helpful. I've been lucky enough to take advantage of some of their special offers, which allows my client and my company to save money on an already affordable press release distribution service. Their professionalism, and customer orientation is a refreshing approach.

"Enormous Press Exposure by Company Backed by Real People"
- Mary Wilson, Public Relations Specialist,

We'd like to share with you how we came upon eReleases. We made the decision to bring our public relations function in-house. As a medium-sized business, we simply were not getting enough value from the press relations companies we were working with. Their cost was high and the results weren't there. We studied the companies and individuals committed to cost-effective small and medium-size business public relations support and identified eReleases as providing the combination we needed - an efficient web interface with in-person follow-up as-needed.

While everyone cannot expect such dramatic results on a routine basis (not even us), on our second press release with eReleases, we spent the day on the phone with a myriad of leading press publications including CBS MarketWatch, MSNBC, Bloomberg news, Wired, and more. We had a breaking press release and eReleases responded by getting the release on the wire and to subscribing journalists within minutes.

The press exposure was enormous and the responsiveness and follow-up from eReleases could not have been better. Unlike many similar services on the Internet today, eReleases is backed by real people that answer emails and the phone on a near real-time basis as-needed. The results thus far have spoken for themselves. Needless to say, based on our experience, we can give eReleases nothing but the highest praise.

"Featured on The Tonight Show, CNN, CBS Evening Magazine, Fox, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Fortune"
- Craig Wolfe,

Hi, our company uses eReleases exclusively at this point. Our company has been featured on The Tonight Show, CNN, CBS Evening Magazine, Fox, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and our recent press release was picked up by Fortune and numerous other newspapers, magazines, websites, etc., ... we do not even use a publicist at this point. We always get hundreds of a combination of sales, leads, inquiries, website hits, etc., when we use eReleases. Our releases are all over the internet instantly and what is amazing is how many people use our releases without our even being initially aware of it.

In terms of ease of use, bang for your buck, one stop PR shop, it's hard to beat eReleases. Our product was voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly and we don't even advertise. At this point it is all eReleases ... clean, simple, and effective!

"Right Out of the Gate: Several Men's Magazines and On-Air Interviews"
- K. Harris, TCR Publishing

The press release you wrote and distributed for us two days ago has been a huge success! Melissa wrote an attention-getting headline and opening paragraph that continued with lively, interesting text to the very end.

Within six hours of the release hitting the media, we had five inquiries from major mens' magazines and two inquiries from radio stations. As a new publishing company releasing our first title, your service has been the most valuable advertising dollars spent to date.

We couldn't be happier with the great service we've received and are optimistic you'll be writing another release for us soon, thanks to the publicity we're receiving from the first release! Thanks for the great service!

Clients love us. Click here to see what they say about our press release submission services.

Have Us Write a Press Release

Not only do you save time and money when we write and submit a press release (starting at just $549), you enjoy the greatest chances of major media pickups because we've professionally crafted your message and delivered it to the appropriate audience. Click to Order Press Release Submission Service!

Whether or not you use our press release submission service, heed this advice. In addition to saving you time, this information reveals the pitfalls that could give your organization black marks among media contacts with long memories. Read this and play it safe! Click here for tips to safely distribute a press release.

Mickie Kennedy, Founder & President
eReleases Press Releases