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  1. 5 Powerful Tips for PR Students

    May 28 2013

    Making the most of your time at school as a PR student is essential to getting a powerful start to your career. Here are 5 tips every PR student should follow:…

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  2. How to Keep Your Social Networking Accounts Safe from Hackers

    May 23 2013

    Last month, both Burger King and Jeep had their Twitter accounts hacked. In both cases, the hackers posted that the companies had been sold to their competitors (Burger King to McDonald’s and Jeep to Cadillac) and posted a series of damaging and obscene messages. While the story might appear funny to the average person, the truth is that social networking hacking represents a very real threat to companies of all sizes….

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  3. What To Do After You Get Media Coverage

    April 26 2013

    When the topic of getting media coverage comes up, we spend all of our time talking about how to get said coverage, as if that’s the only thing you need to do. But the truth is that once you land that media coverage you so desire, your job isn’t over. It’s not time to sit back and celebrate yet. You still have some work to do….

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  4. 4 Ways You Can Be More Efficient At Social Networking

    January 21 2013

    Let’s face it – social networks can be a time suck. In fact, social media now accounts for 18% of all time spent online. With the average Facebook user spending about 7 hours each month on the site, the average tumblr and Pinterest users spending 1.5 hours each month on those sites respectively, the average Twitter user spending 21 minutes each month Tweeting, and the average LinkedIn user spending 17 minutes a month on the site, it’s clear that people devote a lot of time to social networking….

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  5. 10 Social Media Predictions for 2012

    January 16 2012

    It’s no secret that social media is more important to business (not to mention everyday life) than ever before. But can it continue to grow and morph or will it eventually get pushed to the side in favor of the next big thing? Here are our top ten predictions for social media in 2012….

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  6. 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Press Releases Get Found

    October 06 2011

    In ye olden days, press releases were only sent directly to reporters, and if the reporters weren’t interested in your press release, they would never share it with the public and it would never see the light of day. That was it. You had to accept rejection and try, try again….

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  7. How to Monitor the Web for Brand Mentions

    October 05 2011

    Online reputation management is essential. Almost everyone is involved in social media these days. Your customers are all over Facebook, Twitter, blogs, review websites, message boards…you name it. And in some cases, they might be talking about your company….

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  8. What Can You Do With the Company Follow Feature on LinkedIn

    September 21 2011

    As the premiere business based social networking website, LinkedIn has embraced some new advances over the years. Recently, they unveiled the Company Follow feature, which lets you stay in the loop with your favorite businesses….

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  9. 5 Tips for Involving Your Employees in Your PR Efforts

    July 28 2011

    Public Relations doesn’t have to be a solo effort. In fact, your entire company can be involved, including the secretary and everyone in the mail room! It just takes a little ingenuity and employees willing to help out….

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  10. Networking Tips for Introverts

    July 18 2011

    Is it possible for an introvert to be a good networker? Absolutely. While extroverted people might have an easier time meeting up with strangers, introverts aren’t without their own set of skills that come in handy when networking….

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