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  1. How to Tell if a Reporter Plans to Bury You

    February 16 2011

    Let me just say one thing right off the top. Most journalists aren’t looking to hurt you. Most journalists do their jobs with integrity. Most are ethical and looking to provide you with fair, balanced coverage….

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  2. Public Relations Basics: Speak Slowly and Carry a Big Stick

    May 12 2009

    One of the joys of writing PR Fuel is that it helps me think through my own public relations failings. By putting ideas down on paper — OK, a computer screen — I’ve helped improve my own public relations skills immensely. That’s part of why I’ve come up with a set of rules for dealing with reporters during phone interviews. Hopefully, I can follow them….

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  3. Seven Ways to Extend Your Public Relations Budget

    January 26 2009

    Improving your public relations strategy doesn’t have to be a time- or money-consuming affair. Taking on some easy tasks and implementing some simple ideas can lead directly to generating good publicity and improving your existing public relations efforts. Here are seven tips to get the most out of your public relations budget….

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