Reach 150,000+ Journalists With A Three-Pronged Approach:
National • Industry • Local

1. Custom National PR Newswire Distribution - All eReleases Plans Receive This

Newsroom Direct (the real power of our distribution): Our Custom National PR Newswire Distribution reaches nearly every newsroom nationwide. PR Newswire is the oldest and largest press release newswire distribution network in the world. All of our press release services include Associated Press (AP) News Network distribution.

Online: All press releases are sent to more than 5,800 web sites, databases and online services. Note that the following is a representative sample and does not include eReleases subscribing journalists.

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Our press releases show up on Google News and Yahoo! News as well as any other active search engine.

In addition, press releases receive permanent storage in PR Newswire's private PR Newswire for Journalists. This searchable newsroom is a valuable research tool to more than 90,000 registered journalists, writers, and reporters.

2. Industry Targets & Trade Categories - Cost & Availability Varies by Plan

In addition to our Custom National PR Newswire Distribution, your press release may be sent to your choice of target/trade categories. The following is a representative sample of mostly trade publications and magazines, and is not a comprehensive list of included news outlets.

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Accounting (Accounting Newswire™)
Adv. & Marketing (Advertising Newswire™)
Aerospace (Aerospace Newswire™)
African-American (Black Newswire™)
Architecture (Architecture Newswire™)
Art (Art Newswire™)
Automotive - Auto Trades (Automobile Wire™)
Automotive - Classic Autos (Classic Auto Newswire™)
Automotive - Racing (Racing Newswire™)
Automotive - RVs (RV Newswire™)
Aviation (Aviation Newswire™)
Banking & Financial Services (Banking Newswire™)
Beauty & Cosmetics (Beauty Newswire™)
Biotechnology (Bio Newswire™)
Books (Bibliowire™)
Broadcast Industry (BroadcastWire™)
Building/Construction (Construction Newswire™)
Business (Corporatewire™)
Careers (Career Newswire™)
Chemical (Chemical Newswire™)
Children & Youth (YouthWire™)
Cleaning & Laundry (Cleaning Newswire™)
College Newspapers (College Newswire™)
College Radio Stations (College Radio Newswire™)
Concrete (Concrete Newswire™)
Disability (Disability Newswire™)
Diversity (Diversity Newswire™)
Education (EducationWire™)
Entertainment - Country Music (Country Music Newswire™)
Entertainment - General (Hollywood Newswire™)
Entertainment - Movies (Box Office Newswire™)
Entertainment - Music (MusicScenes™)
Entertainment - News & Talk Shows (Talk Show Newswire™)
Entertainment - Performing Arts (Concert Newswire™)
Entertainment - Rock/Pop (MusicScenes™)
Entertainment - TV (Television Newswire™)
Environment & Ecology (Environment Newswire™)
Equestrian (Equestrian Newswire™)
Farming & Agriculture (Farming Newswire™)
Fashion (Style Newswire™)
Features (FeatureWire™)
Fire (Fire Newswire™)
Food - Beverage (Beverage Newswire™)
Food - Cooking & Cuisine (Food Newswire™)
Food - Dairy (Dairy Newswire™)
Food - Meat & Packing Trades (Meat Newswire™)
Footwear (Footwear Newswire™)
Forestry & Logging (Forestry Newswire™)
Funeral (Funeral Newswire™)
Gaming & Casinos (Gambling Newswire™)
Garden & Landscape (Gardening Newswire™)
Gay & Lesbian (Gay Newswire™)
Gifts & Collectibles (GiftWire™ & Gift Newswire™)
Government (GovernmentWire™)
Grocery (Grocery Newswire™)
Guns & Firearms (Firearm Newswire™)
Healthcare (Health Newswire™)
Health & Fitness (Fitness Newswire™)
High Tech - Biometrics (Biometrics Newswire™)
High Tech - Computer Trades (Computer Newswire™)
High Tech - Electronics (Consumer) (Consumer Electronics Newswire™)
High Tech - Games (Games Newswire™)
High Tech - Graphics/Printing/CAD (Graphics Newswire™)
High Tech - Hardware (Hardware Newswire™)
High Tech - Multimedia (Multimedia Newswire™)
High Tech - Networking (Network Newswire™)
High Tech - Software (Software Newswire™)
High Tech - Telecommunications (Telecom Newswire™)
High Tech - Web/Internet (Internet Newswire™)
Hispanic (Hispanic Newswire™)
Hobby & Crafts (Hobby Newswire™)
Home Furnishings & Interiors (Home Newswire™)
Hotel & Hospitality (Hospitality Newswire™)
Human Resources (HR Newswire™)
Import & Export (Import/Export Newswire™)
Industrial Safety & Health (Safety Health Newswire™)
Industrial & Manufacturing Trades (Industrial Newswire™)
Insurance (Insurance Newswire™)
Investments (Investment Newswire™)
Jewelry (Jewelry Newswire™)
Law & Legal (Legal Newswire™)
Leisure & Recreation (Recreation Newswire™)
Lifestyle (Lifestyle Newswire™)
Medical - Asthma (AsthmaWire™)
Medical - Cancer (Cancer Health Newswire™)
Medical - Cardiology (CardiologyWire™)
Medical - Chiropractic (Chiropractic Newswire™)
Medical - Dental (Dental Newswire™)
Medical - Dermatology (Dermatology Newswire™)
Medical - Diabetes (Diabetes Health Newswire™)
Medical - Emergency (Emergency Medicine Newswire™)
Medical - Family Medicine (Family Medicine Newswire™)
Medical - Laboratory & Research (Medical Lab Newswire™)
Medical - General (Medical Health Newswire™)
Medical - Geriatrics (Geriatrics Newswire™)
Medical - Hospitals (Hospital Newswire™)
Medical - Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine Newswire™)
Medical - Managed Care/HMO (Managed Care Newswire™)
Medical - Medical Products (Medical Product Newswire™)
Medical - Mental Health (Mental HealthWire™)
Medical - Neurology (Neurology Newswire™)
Medical - Nursing (Nursing Newswire™)
Medical - Ob/Gyn (Ob/Gyn Newswire™)
Medical - Pediatrics (Pediatric Newswire™)
Medical - Pharmaceutical (PharmaceuticalWire™)
Medical - Physical Therapy (Physical Therapy Newswire™)
Medical - Radiology/Imaging (Pharmaceutical Newswire™)
Medical - Specialized Medicine (Specialized Medicine Newswire™)
Medical - Surgery (Surgery Newswire™)
Medical - Vision/Eyecare (Vision Newswire™)
Meetings & Trade Shows (Trade Show Newswire™)
Men's Interest (Men's Newswire™)
Military & Defense (Military Newswire™)
New Age (New Age Newswire™)
Nonprofit Industry (NonprofitWire™)
Nutrition & Vitamins (Nutrition Newswire™)
Oil & Gas (Oil Newswire™)
Office Products & Technology (Office Product Newswire™)
Packaging Industry (Packaging Newswire™)
Paint & Coatings (Coatings Newswire™)
Paper Industry (Paper Newswire™)
Parenting (Parenting Newswire™)
Personal Finance (Personal Finance Newswire™)
Pets & Animals (PetWire™)
Photography (Photography Newswire™)
Plastics (Plastics Newswire™)
Police (Law Enforcement Newswire™)
Politics (Politics Newswire™)
Power & Energy (Energy Newswire™)
Publishing (PublishingWire™)
Purchasing (Purchasing Newswire™)
Railroad Industry (Railroad Newswire™)
Real Estate (Real Estate Industry Newswire™)
Relationships (Relationships Newswire™)
Restaurants (Restaurant Newswire™)
Retailing (Retailing Newswire™)
Science & Research (Science Newswire™)
Seniors (Seniors Newswire™)
Sports - General (Sports Newswire™)
Sports - Baseball (Baseball Newswire™)
Sports - Basketball (Basketball Newswire™)
Sports - Bicycling (Bicycling Newswire™)
Sports - Fishing (Fishing Newswire™)
Sports - Football (Football Newswire™)
Sports - Golfing (Golfing Newswire™)
Sports - Hockey (Hockey Newswire™)
Sports - Hunting (Hunting Newswire™)
Sports - Maritime/Boating (Boating Newswire™)
Sports - Martial Arts (Martial Arts Newswire™)
Sports - Outdoors (Outdoors Newswire™)
Sports - Running (Running Newswire™)
Sports - Snow & Ice (Snow Sports Newswire™)
Sports - Soccer (Soccer Newswire™)
Sports - Tennis (Tennis Newswire™)
Sports - Water/Surf (Water Sports Newswire™)
Textiles (Textiles Newswire™)
Transportation & Trucking (Transportation Newswire™)
Travel (Vacation Newswire™)
Water & Waste (Waste Newswire™)
Wedding & Bridal (Nuptial Newswire™)
Women's Interest (Women's Newswire™)
Local (Local Newswire™)

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3. Local Distribution - Cost & Availability Varies by Plan

Even if some local news outlets are listed on our Custom National Newswire Distribution, note that the local news desks at these outlets will not receive your news. If your news is relevant to local media, choosing Local Distribution is the only way to ensure you are reaching these local news desks.

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All distribution services also include the "disclosure" media designated by NYSE, Amex and Nasdaq (including Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, and others).