Test Ultimate FAQ

We never charge a membership fee. Unlike other press release services, we have no hidden charges. Our low prices stay low.

Our low price includes a custom national press release distribution through both PR Newswire and the Associated Press (AP) Newswire for all of our customers. Also, PR Newswire streams our press releases directly to a number of popular websites.

We don’t spam journalists. Our sources have opted to receive our press releases. Beware of press release services who bombard journalists with unwelcome emails: you’ll run the risk of weakening your impact and alienating the very audience you want to impress.

PR Newswire/Cision owns a web-only press release service (PRWeb, formerly iReach) in addition to its newswire direct to journalist service. And yes, prices are cheaper but this is web-only platform.

PR Newswire points out that this service “is PR Newswire’s Do-It-Yourself platform for customers only interested in online news distribution, SEO and lead generation. It is ideal for customers who want to reach consumers directly and are not interested in media pickup…

However, if you are looking for a more targeted media reach, wider online distribution, advanced targeting, disclosure distribution and more, become a PR Newswire member…