Top 40 Kick-Ass #PR Quotes of 2014

40 of the most inspiring, light-a-fire-under-your-butt public relations quotes from 2014. Now go out ‘n get ’em.

Hey Friends,

2014’s been a pretty good year for PR happenings and case studies in crisis management. From Uber to Ray Rice to scientists in naughty shirts, from ice buckets to British Airways, the year has been especially generous with teachable publicity scenarios.

The outpouring of finely distilled, distractingly quotable PR know-how that flowed from these events has been just as generous, to, and twice as nice.

In a word, we in PR kicked some serious tail in 2014 – and we got the quotes to prove it!

Mickie Kennedy
Mickie Kennedy

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsForming a bond with fans in the future will come in the form of constantly providing them with the element of surprise.

– Taylor Swift
Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

briansolisDigital is just a means to reach people…it’s how and why you use it that matters.

– Brian Solis

nycprgirlsKeep positive.
You are in control of how you feel about your work every day. Remind yourself why you got into your job in the first place and stay as positive as you can.

– Adrianna Lauricella
NYC PR Girls

prnewsonlineBuilding a brand through effective storytelling is at the heart of what PR professionals do.

– Brian Greene
PR News Online

prtini-logoOwn it. Even if you don’t own it.

– Heather Whaling

futurebuzzWay before “PR” or “marketing” came to be, humans were doing something both disciplines hold (or claim to hold) dear:
telling stories.

– Heidi Sullivan
The Future Buzz

swordscriptThe story is everything, but conflict is everything to the story. Our stories become more interesting when they go against the natural order of things.

– Kevin Spacey
The Sword and The Script

prnewsonlineMake it so good people will want to
steal it.

– Diane Schwartz
PR News Online

mediabistroIf this keeps up, people may actually start to feel sorry for Uber. Maybe that’s the secret strategy behind their seemingly never-ending string of PR fiascos.

– Bill McGowan
Media Bistro

IPR56-Logo-50When you are falling… dive.
We have no choice but to be mindfully fearless.

– Dr. Yan Jin
Institute for Public Relations

deidrebreakenridgeThey say communications professionals love to talk.
Here’s a tip … don’t talk too much.
Think about how much you need to listen.

– Deirdre Breakenridge

markborkowskiFailure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.

– Mark Borkowski (quoting Truman Capote)

prconversationsI wonder what future colleagues will make of the collective inaction around wearable technologies and the device jumps we are about to encounter.

– Catherine Arrow
PR Conversations

social-pr-chat-headerDear public relations pros: it’s time for the ultimate ‘aha’ moment:
content promotion is king.

– Lisa Buyer
Social PR Chat

pshankmanDon’t let the fear of the unknown (or even the fear of the known) ever stop you from doing something.
Don’t ever miss out on the potential for greatness simply because you’re afraid of what else could happen.

– Peter Shankman

swordscriptThink the media won’t cover your product? Well then, you’re just not thinking outrageously enough.

– Frank Strong
The Sword and The Script

obamaI sure wish they had spoken to me first.

– President Barack Obama
Re: Sony Pictures pulling ‘The Interview’

pajamasIf a blog post is published on the internet and no one is there to hear it, does it really get posted? And does that post affect PageRank?

– Elena Verlee
PR in Your Pajamas

lewisprProfits come from customers, not products: Keep this front and center when creating a strategy.

– Sarah Wincott

ogilveyIt is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.

– David Ogilvy
Ogilvy PR

bblogoA poorly constructed, badly researched, or unimaginatively told story is worse than saying nothing at all.

– Hannah Gray
The Blue Ball Room

journalistics_header-blank-type-3I’m just like you. I have to roll up my sleeves and work the phones to sell the story too. Notice I didn’t say “work the email” or “work the Twitter”? I’m old school in that way – the phone is still the best tool for scoring press coverage.

– Jeremy Porter

pr-coutureEvery media feature big or small helps the brand in more ways than just sales.

– Robin Doyle
PR Couture

logo_techaffectWhen it comes to media relations it’s not just about establishing a connection with a reporter. Maintaining a relationship over time will be the key to driving consistent results for your clents.

– Carol Lee
Tech Affect

voicecommPR is not advertising. Your pitch should be about the reporter and her publication’s needs, not your own.

– Sean Lenehan
Voice Communications

ComprehensionLogoA success story without a name behind the endorsement is like an Indianapolis race car with its fuel gauge on empty. If you want your success story to genuinely impress a prospect, it has to make real noise by naming names.

– Mary Conley Eggert

onlineprthoughtsNever write in an e-mail what you don’t want to see in a headline.

– Jim Horton
Online PR Thoughts

RonnTorossian-WebYou have worth. You have value. And best of all you have an incredible idea you KNOW is going to be a huge success.
Guess what. So does everyone else where you are and doing what you are trying to do.

– Ronn Torossian

badpitchblogThe silos between art and science dissolved long ago.
Every public relations professional should love math and, more specifically, data.

– Kevin Dugan
The Bad Pitch Blog

socialogilvyIf you care about something, you’ll share it with others.
Just by viewing and liking and sharing friends’ videos, you become part of the story.
It’s challenging for brands to reproduce such an emotional experience, but to get this kind of traction is essential.

– Melanie Taylor
Social Ogilvy Blog

pr2020-logo-440Today’s consumer doesn’t need to own.
Why own when you can share, and increase cost efficiencies at the same time?

– Sandie Young
PR 20/20

SBC-New-Logo_WebsiteIt’s the end of news as an event:
News is now real-time, customized to us. How do PR people get their content out? (hint: social)

– Heidi Sullivan
Waxing Unlyrical

THE VIRTUS 1A crisis is a change.
More specifically, bad change.
And change requires a response.
One’s adaptability is a measure of how effective that reaction is.

– Louis Hayes,  Jr.
Virtus Group

prcoachWhen it comes to blogging, news releases, news stories, or most other content, I hope you get the idea that the only thing more important than the deadline is the headline!

– Jeff Domansky

6 AM Blog

360pr-homelogo-shadowFrom the magnificent to the mundane, it seems it’s all fair game for social sharing. But brands can’t focus on the mundane when interrupting consumer conversations online.
They need to be incredibly useful resources to be relevant – and to prompt action.

– Brittany Bang
360 PR

hma-logoSometimes roads close due to ice and heavy snowfall, so you have to take an alternative route. In public relations, it’s no different. You may have a method of doing things one way, but someone has a preference of you getting it done another way. You have to be flexible in this industry and learn quickly.

– Shelby Ray

arikhansonIf I had to make a generalization, I’d say PR people are typically “people pleasers.” That means we want to make our clients happy –
no matter the cost.

– Arik Hanson

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