How Can You Hop on the Social Media Bandwagon in 30 Minutes a Day?

Small business owners face a pretty tough conundrum. They need to get the word out about their little company to anyone and everyone who will listen. The problem with this is they’re usually so focused on making product and selling it that there’s no time to worry about finding new customers.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve probably thought about jumping on the social media bandwagon for quite some time to help sales as it seems like an easy way to get money flowing in. However, when you have a free minute you only think about napping to try and stay awake through the rest of the day. How are you supposed to spend any time on social media when you barely have time to breathe?

30 Minutes

train moves from citySocial media is so streamlined these days if you can find around 30 minutes to spare you should be able to drum up some real business. The 30 minutes each day doesn’t even have to be consecutive! Spend 10 minutes in the morning, 10 at lunch, and 10 in the afternoon and it works just the same.

The trick is to learn how to schedule properly. Take Twitter as a prime example. When you sign into the main Twitter website you just see a constant flow of information with no real way to regulate it. They also don’t offer any way to schedule updates, and you can’t spend all day waiting to update. This is precisely why you should immediately sign up for an app like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule messages throughout the day. This way you don’t have to sit by your computer waiting for 3:00 to roll around. Simply type up your message and schedule it for 3:00. You don’t even have to stay signed into Hootsuite for it to work!

Even better, it also allows you to schedule things on Facebook and other social media websites. You can do it all right from the one website so no more bouncing around the web trying to maintain your social presence.

Squeeze It In 

So what can you squeeze into 30 minutes when it comes to social media? Quite a bit, really, as long as you stay nice and organized.

People want to know what you find interesting and fun. So when you find a cool link or something that goes along with your company, schedule it for a retweet/repost. If there’s room, put a little comment along with the original post. Your customers want to know what you think!

Also, make sure you actually talk. Post thoughts, updates about the company, or other goings-on around the world that interest you. Talk to your followers and followees, too; if you can’t think of anything else, ask them how their day is going. If anyone has responded recently or asked a question, make sure to answer back.

Don’t forget to use one of those 10 minute windows for listening. Set up some searches on Google Alerts or Hootsuite related to your company, industry and target market, and find out what people are saying. Join the conversation!

If you’re trying to start a blog, don’t think you have to write it all in one day. If you’ve split your time up into 10 minute blocks, simply use 10 minutes each day to write a little bit of a blog. After a few days it should be done and you should be ready to publish it. Then you can spend time the rest of the week promoting it on your social media networks!

How can you make more time for social media promotion and PR?

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