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Whoopee Cushion 2.0: Fart O Gram Revives Classic April Fools Day Prank

New and Improved Fart-O-Gram Website + Phone Pranking Service Resurrects The Spirit Of The Classic Whoopee Cushion Just In Time For April 1st!

JUPITER, Fla., March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Nothing beats fart humor on April Fools Day, but the whoopee cushion is far too predictable to pull off anymore. Fortunately, Fart O Gram – the 100% online fart prank calling service – has breathed new and malodorous air into the classic prank – this time via the target’s cell phone.

Have A Gas This April Fools
Whether it’s a boss or co-worker, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse or parents or a random acquaintance, Fart O Gram makes it easy to make anyone uncomfortable with their dozens of pooting pranks. With monikers like “Sexy Stall,” “Mexican A** Blaster,” “Porn Membership,” “Booty Call” and “Real Father,” it’s easy to see why Fart O Gram is fast becoming one of the most popular online prank call providers!

Send Three Free Daily Stinkers!
While it’s recommended that senders enter their own number to ensure the target picks up, Fart O Grams can also be sent anonymously; phone farts can even emanate from another’s number to ramp up the pranking potential. Plus, users can send up to three free telephone toots per day and purchase even more credits and premium features on the cheap. There’s even a fun new Fart O Gram game where members can create a character and earn new fart-o-riffic features with each level up.

The Gift That Keeps On Stinking
Thanks to the new improvements made just this year at Fart O Gram, users can record, listen to and even submit and share potty-pranks with other members. And, since there are plenty more occasions for repugnant revelry, users can store contacts to be at the ready whenever the inclination for gross-outs strikes.

How To Use Fart O Gram
Sending a flatulent phone call with Fart O Gram is as easy as 1-2-3-Fart!

Step 1: Sign up for free at
Step 2: Enter the phone number to be pranked
Step 3: Select one of the countless fart-acular prank call scenarios
Fart O Gram: Let ‘er rip! Sit back and listen in and enjoy the reaction on the other line.

About Fart O Gram
Fart O Gram is a free, lightly ad supported prank calling website service, offering a variety of gut-busting flatulence-filled scenarios. Users can opt to place their prank calls from their own phone number or anonymously. Some restrictions may apply, specifically to callers and target phone numbers in the states of CA, PA, FL, IL, MI, WA, MS, MA, CT, NV, NH and VT. Visit for details. 

To learn more about Fart O Gram, visit: