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TaxConnections Announces Free Access to Its Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals, Allowing Consumers Easy Access to Certified Tax Professionals Who Will Answer Their Tax Questions

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – TaxConnections announced today free access to the Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals, which provides answers to consumer’s tax questions. TaxConnections was founded in 2010 by Kat Jennings to provide a valuable and convenient resource for consumers who have questions about taxes and need an easy way to find an answer. The site gives consumers a great deal of information on the tax professionals who answer tax questions. The site provides answers to tax questions through the easy-to-use feature known as Ask Tax Questions.

There are many differentiators that give TaxConnections the clear advantage over other sites; the site benefits the consumer who has tax problems to solve, while also serving to promote tax professionals and their specialized expertise. Jennings states, “Anyone can use our site to obtain direct answers from real tax experts whose professional qualifications can be openly evaluated by consumers who want to hire them.” The site currently has 1,400 and growing number of professionals with specialized tax expertise located in over 65 countries worldwide.

Unlike other sites that charge consumers to obtain answers to their tax questions, or play middle-man and take a percentage, TaxConnections is uniquely different. “We encourage consumers to ask questions of the tax professionals on TaxConnections. The reason we do this is that it naturally engages consumers with tax professionals, providing them with the ability to vet the experts on our site before hiring them. Subsequent to that, any and all transactions will take place outside of the site,” Jennings explained.

The tax code is complicated and significantly impacts consumers and businesses. Consumers need access to high-quality niche tax professionals to decode a complicated tax code for them. TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals is an easy to use, no-cost resource now available to consumers at is a consumer media site founded by CEO Kat Jennings in 2010. The Internet startup based in La Jolla, CA provides a worldwide marketing platform for tax professionals to promote their tax services, and gives consumers better access to tax professionals with a wide range of tax expertise globally.  For more information, please contact email or visit

Kathleen Jennings