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Devigi Fashion Line Creator Declares Changing Weather Demands Versatile Fitness Apparel, Shares Tips on What to Look For in Spring Workout Wear

Line creator Nadine Gelberg says clothing that transitions is optimal

ROSLYN, Pa., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to re-energize New Year’s fitness resolutions. Whether it be taking it outdoors or exploring new routines at the gym, changing it up provides the breath of fresh air that keeps people motivated to get into bathing-suit shape. As you modify your workouts, Devigi’s fitness apparel should accommodate your needs so that you remain inspired to achieve your individual fitness goals.

Nadine Gelberg, Ph.D., creator of Devigi, a new line of flattering fitness apparel understands that workout wear is an integral part of any successful exercise regimen. “Nothing motivates or is more confidence building than knowing we look and feel good in our clothing. There is no reason workout clothes should make us self-conscious by emphasizing unwanted curves,” she said. “As we transition to spring, find apparel that makes us feel great and is versatile.”

According to Gelberg, consider the following when sprucing up your spring fitness wardrobe:

Versatility: Because temperatures are unpredictable in the spring, opt for clothing that adapts to the degree swings, keeping you warm during your morning run but not overheated as the day progresses.

Easy to layer: Look for styles that provide options to layer so that as you move from indoors to outside, you can always have the appropriate workout gear on hand.

Stylish and transitional: Not only do people see you before and after a workout, but running in your neighborhood and working out in the gym are places to see neighbors, friends, clients and potential customers. You never know who you might run into, so always try to look your best.

Comfortable: Choose fabrics that perform well, are soft, and provide good coverage and support. Consider your workout clothes special so you will look forward to getting dressed and exercising.

High performance: Make sure the clothing you select is manufactured from fabrics that are UV protecting, anti-microbial and thermal regulating.

“Spring is the time to prepare for the summer season. Devigi clothing is designed to motivate you to kick up the intensity of your workout. It adapts to temperature changes so you are always comfortable,” said Gelberg. “Our quarter zip and hoodie are perfect transition pieces and our workout pants are designed with four inches of ruching to provide versatility in length.”

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Devigi ( designs and manufacturers fitness apparel that combines style and performance to make its customers feel good and look great. Devigi products incorporate bamboo fabric and drape elegantly across the body, fit and flatter sizes from 0-18 and enhance the right curves while camouflaging others. In Devigi apparel, athletes will have the confidence and energy to reach for intensity in all their workout routines. Devigi comes from the universal language Esperanto, meaning “compel” or “drive.”

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