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Manhattan Personal Trainer Maik Wiedenbach Shows How to End Winter Blues

Mild Depression Can Be Cured with Exercise, Common Sense, NYC Fitness Expert Says

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The winter blues can make men do irrational things and make women feel sad.

But busy executives can beat those initial signs of depression with a combination of diet, exercise, positive outlook and getting sun, according to Manhattan and East Hampton-based executive personal trainer and fitness model Maik Wiedenbach.

“If you’re feeling depressed it’s time to get proactive,” said Wiedenbach, author of 101 Fitness Myths a holistic health book that draws on the latest medical research to debunk popular fitness myths and get to what works and what doesn’t.

“As someone who has battled with mild, and not so mild depression over the years, this topic is somewhat personal. I hope that my experience will be of help to others,” said Wiedenbach, whose clientele includes busy executives over 40 who want to break through a fitness plateau. He offers personal training as well as online training for people in other cities or who can’t afford personal training but want personal attention.

“These tips can help you set aside the donuts, focus on your goals, find hope and improve your outlook,” said Wiedenbach, a World Cup and Olympic level swimmer from Germany.

He arms readers with the knowledge to find the exercises and nutrition plans help them achieve a beach body they can be proud of.

His website offers numerous health articles offering holistic tips to improve health and fitness, as well as timely information on nutrition, supplements, building muscle, reducing fat and maintaining motivation. To help cure Seasonal Affective Disorder and other mild forms of depression, he offers these tips based on health, fitness, exercise, mental outlook:

  • Set goals and hold yourself accountable. The short-term goal should be achievable within two weeks (i.e. I want to add 5 lbs to my incline bench). The long-term goal can be a contest of a photo shoot with a great physique photographer. Achieving the small goals will build up your confidence and keep you coming back for more
  • Stay involved. Socializing is most likely the last thing on your mind, but isolating yourself will make things much worse. I can tell you from personal experience that whenever I dragged myself (actually it is usually my wife who convinces me to go) to an event, I was happy that I went.
  • Trick the cravings. Depression often causes cravings for comfort foods. The problem with this is that cravings aren’t really bodybuilding compatible. Anti-depressants can enhance this feeling, making you reach for donuts and deep fried Snickers. Thankfully, we have a great array of tools available to create our own healthy “junk.” The P28 bread French toast is my weapon of choice, but feel free to come up with your own high protein recipes for cookies or brownies.
  • Get sun. Sunlight produces more Vitamin D than you could potentially take in via food (20 minutes of sun exposure equals about 10,000 IU). So try to get out as much as you can, even if you just walk to pick your lunch instead of having it delivered. This goes in particular for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere. As for tanning beds, use with extreme caution.
  • Look for a brighter future. Be aware that one of the worst symptoms of depression is the inability to imagine a better future. One gets stuck in the belief that it will always as gloomy as it is now. However, if you tackle it rep by rep and meal by meal, chances are you will be pulling yourself up and emerge happier, leaner and stronger!

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About Maik Wiedenbach

A two-time World Cup and Olympic-level swimmer in Germany, Maik Wiedenbach arrived in the US on a swimming scholarship at Fordham University, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in History, having already received an equivalent degree in German Literature from Germany.

After obtaining his NASM, BSA, and AFPA certifications, he founded Adler Training and successfully turned it into one of the most sought-after training and nutritional services in Manhattan, serving clients in top-tier facilities.

His system helps corporate travelers, professionals with time constraints, and clients based out of New York is specifically tailored for “on-the-go” people and those who need to maximize their returns in today’s world of frequent travel, long work hours and high stress occupations.