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Kozmez Introduces Crystal Guard Zero, Revolutionary Chemical Product That Cleans and Turns Surfaces into Real Crystal Glass

Specially designed for automobiles, this surface sealant can be used on boats, airplanes, motor bikes, sinks, gadgets and accessories

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Kozmez Group, a chemical venture based in Tokyo, Japan is unveiling the new Crystal Guard Zero – a revolutionary chemical product that cleans and turns surfaces into real crystal glass.

Not a Sparkle, a Crystal Glass

Crystal Guard is a surface sealant specially designed for automobiles, but can be used dexterously in motor bikes, boats, airplanes, sinks, gadgets, and accessories.

It turns all non-absorbent surfaces into “Crystal Glass.” It simply creates a super-thin crystal glass layer on a surface that adds 30% more gloss to painted surfaces. It enhances surface durability by 800% more than any Teflon-based polymer sealant making surfaces acid and heat resistant (up to 1500F).

Takao Asyama, the Founder of Kozmez points out that:  “The majority of sealant products are either oil, or Teflon, or silicon polymer-based and so they start deteriorating upon application. We created a powerful, multi-purpose, and long-lasting chemical that turns into crystal glass when you apply it on a surface. To be honest with you, the first chemical that we introduced in 2002 flopped terribly in the US. It was too new and somewhat expensive. We had to scale down operations and move to Japan. After 10 years of extensive research and experimentation with inventor’s son, we are pleased to have finally achieved the dream of the inventor who passed on.”

Crystal Guard comes with a host of amazing benefits.
High Cleanability
100% Gloss Retention
Highly Durable

Latest Chemical Crystal Guard Zero

After 10 years of successful research and experimentation, Kozmez optimized Crystal Guard chemical by adding two key capabilities; “durability” and “detergency.”

Crystal Guard Zero removes wax and dirt off surfaces and at the same time creates a tough crystal glass layer on any surface.

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About Kozmez:

Kozmez LLC was founded in 2002 as a small chemical manufacturing company in California. In 2003, the company moved its headquarters to Japan and re-branded as Kozmez K.K, but retained its US branch in Mountain View. Kozmez has been selling Crystal Guard in 730 automotive retail stores in Japan and several online stores. The company has been manufacturing and supplying, Crystal Guard, a powerful a paint based sealant for automobiles for more than a decade now. Kozmez focuses on the needs of its customers.

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