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Jay Brown’s New Heaven or Hell (Unleashed) Videos Inspired by Religious Persecution

“The System” renders two Maryland Youth Disabled

POTOMAC, Md., July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Rick C Brownlee Jr., known by the stage name Jay Brown, is a devout Christian of The Apostolic Faith, an American poet, author, songwriter and record producer. He is the founder of the record label OneWay Records, specializing in Christian music, poetry and songs. His NEW Heaven or Hell videos, which have been created to accompany his poetry book “Heaven or Hell? Growing Up as a Youth in America” and its audio books Part 1 & Part 2, have also created quite a stir in Jay’s hometown of Potomac, Maryland.


Jay Brown’s current videos posted on the company website “Heaven or Hell 1&2 (Unleashed)” from his “Heaven or Hell Project” expresses through poetry a variety of topics from his young adult life such as talking with God, love and relationships, foster care, and even kidnapping and jail. “Heaven or Hell (Unleashed)” tells the true and tragic story of Marie (actually Jay’s sister), a young Christian girl who is kidnapped from her family, forced into Foster Care and then conditioned by medicine and therapy to forsake her family, her morals, her religion and eventually her God. Marie is currently mentally disabled and suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. “Heaven or Hell 2 (Unleashed)” tells of the true and tragic timeline of events that actually happened in Jay’s life. He was put through “The System” and forced like Marie to give up on his family, religion and beliefs but somehow manages to survive and stay sane. Jay is currently classified as disabled needing Hemodialysis Treatments 3-times a week to stay alive. Jay Brown’s debut Double-CD studio album “Heaven or Hell? Growing Up as a Youth in America (Part 1 & Part 2)”, along with the two Heaven or Hell videos and a poetry book, completes his “Heaven or Hell Project.” In this album, Jay brings Poetry to another level by adding music, beats, sound effects and soundscapes using a style that he calls “The Full View”.

Jay Brown was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. He is a very talented artist with unique gifts such as writing, producing and even being a Linguist. His company OneWay Records is small in the music industry but fills in the very fine gap between poetry and song. All media and products can be viewed and purchased through the company website:

If you’d like more information about OneWay Records or would like to schedule an interview with Jay Brown, please call (301) 300-2904 or email Jay.